I am a Clinical Psychologist of 15 years with an interest in merging tarot/oracle messages and psychological insights to help you heal through inspired and encouraging messages from the universe. I'm here to answer any questions you have about career, life purpose, or your soul's plan and offer guidance to help you align with the path that serves your higher good. I find that tarot can help you heal from past wounds and help you find your way back to your soul's joy. It's a gift for your soul and can help unlock potential that has been blocked by decades of emotional baggage you may not even be aware exists. A successful and healing intuitive reading can leave you feeling lighter and freer while also igniting passions you had lost touch with years ago. Find your way back to yourself!

I use tarot and oracle more for emotional healing and personal growth than prediction. My tarot practice focuses on how to help you with personal development, how to manifest the goals you set, delivering soul messages and offering intuitive guidance to help you plan your way forward through healing on all levels.

While I do use my psychological knowledge and experience in all of my intuitive readings, it is not a substitute for psychological treatment/intervention with a licensed psychologist. These readings are meant to work together with any psychological, medical or holistic interventions you may be currently utilizing to address any ongoing psychological or medical issues. Through intuitive readings we are unearthing emotional truths that have been buried for long periods of time or never realized consciously. To get the most out of your intuitive reading. I suggest meditating on the messages given to you and using this as a jumping off point to dive further into these insights. By contemplating on the messages that come through for you, further answers may be revealed to you and could unfold over the next several months to a year. I encourage you to review your written readings multiple times and take additional notes on any thoughts that come to you. This process can be emotionally healing and can help you move forward in areas where you may have felt blocked or stagnant for years. I'm excited to be a part of that journey with you.

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