Favorite Advanced Tarot Book

In Holistic Tarot Benebel covers just about everything you could think of related to tarot. She provides a short history of tarot, gives theories on how she thinks the tarot works, gives elemental dignities for the cards, and teaches how to use the tarot to build resilience. She even covers subjects such as how to set up a tarot business legally, ethical codes for reading for others, the professional practice of tarot, topics to stay away from when reading professionally, dealing with difficult questions and when to refer clients to other needed services like mental health or medical professionals.

Unique chapters and spreads include details on the First operation method, combination spreads, the essential keys spread, the 6 points spread, fixed term analysis spread and the opening of the key from the Golden Dawn Society, which is a bit complicated but I appreciated the walk through of it.

She includes some massive spreads with 15-18 card, and the Grand Tableau Tarot spread where she teaches you to use this Lenormand based spread with tarot cards. It is a 36 card spread. This was the first spread I tried, and I loved it.

Benebel provides thorough walk throughs of just about every tarot spread you could think of with ample sample readings to help you follow along. She also provides a wealth of handouts, charts and logs for you to put her teachings to practical use, and you can easily find those in the appendix when you need to use them instead of trying to remember where they were located in the book.

This is a tarot reference book that will stay on my shelf for the rest of my life. I know that it will be one I continue to reach for to brush up on my tarot knowledge, card meanings and ideas for new spreads to work through.

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