18 Jan

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Since we are still in the energy of the new year, I wanted to showcase The Aces in the Tarot to talk about the opportunities and potential that they offer us. Just like the new year, Aces represent the beginning of a new cycle. They represent new energy coming in and brand new potentials that you have to work with. This energy only manifests and flourishes if you seize that opportunity and take advantage of this universal energy provided to you. In the traditional Rider Waite Smith Tarot, each Ace is shown with a disembodied hand holding either a sword, a cup, a wand, or a pentacle. This hand represents universal energy or divine help. It is up to you what you do with that energy. Think of it as a gift to manifest into something meaningful in your life. You can mold it into whatever you want or need. 


Much of the time, I will pull an ace with an eclipse or a new moon or another significant astrological event. I always make a note when it happens because I view that as an opportunity to infuse extra energy into whatever project, goal, or intention I have been mulling over in my head. I view it as bonus energy to give me the boost needed to get over any humps or obstacles that may have slowed me down before. I often pull aces towards the beginning of a new year as well. These are openings to start fresh or pivot in a new direction to start a new project that may have more energy behind it than what I was working on before. After reading several books on the Law of Attraction, I have shifted how I allocate my energy now. I go where the energy leads me. If I feel energy rising to back a new idea, I will often shift my energy and effort in that direction to use that momentum and then return to whatever goal I was working on after I have taken advantage of the opening that was provided to me for that week or month. 

Often these openings or portals don’t last very long, but if I take advantage of them I can get a lot of bang for my buck. I view it as the universe having my back, and so I go where the universe is offering support at that time to help give me that extra push to get started. Follow the flow of energy for the best results. I am assuming that is where the phrase “Go with the flow" comes from.


Let’s take a quick look at the Aces from each suit in the tarot to see the different opportunities they provide us when we pull them in a reading. Or you can pull out an ace from the deck to meditate on that energy or use it with intention setting, goal setting, or spell work. They are powerful to work with. Aces are the purest form of each suit and hold the essence of that element.


With the Ace of Wands, we see potential and new energy related to creativity, areas you are passionate about, and spirituality. It is a new adventure, journey, or enterprise. The leaves on the wand in the Rider Waite Smith Tarot signify growth, which could be spiritual or material growth. The Ace is representative of a new spark, which could be a new creative idea or stroke of inspiration. This could be a new creative outlet, or hobby for you, or a new creative project. It represents a sustained creative focus. 

It can also represent sexuality, so you could have a new sexual relationship budding. This energy is yang energy, so it is masculine in nature and active, not receptive. The message of this card is to follow your passion and your gut

My favorite depiction of the Ace of Wands is the Light Seers Tarot version shown above. When I get this card from that deck, I always think of the lyric in Hamilton, "Fan this spark into a flame" because that is the opportunity you have been given. The image shows a bright, orange spark burning inside the woman’s mind right over her third eye chakra. This image is so moving. I see it as a surge of energy, adrenaline, and excitement. This card is pure enthusiasm. This card usually comes up for me to represent lighting a fire under someone to get something new going. I see it as a message to look at what lights your soul on fire or your “reason to live juice” as Bakara Wintner would say.


This energy right now is just a spark, but it has the potential to grow into a flame that could light your way for a long time down the path you are on. I also love the Ace of Wands card in the Way Home Tarot (above) that shows a lit match with a burning golden flame. So simple but evocative! 

Will you take this opportunity the universe has given to you to take action or will you let the spark die out and miss that golden opportunity?  

Like another famous Hamilton lyric from my favorite Hamilton song, “I am not throwin away my shot.” I listen to that song on repeat for motivation to seize all opportunities given to me. What lights your soul on fire at the moment?


The Ace of Cups offers us a new beginning in a relationship, in love, or a new emotional state. This card often represents a blessing, an offering of love. The image on the original Rider Waite Smith card shows a cup overflowing with water. Could it be the Holy Grail? This card could be an invitation in love or an overflowing of emotion or love shown to you. This cup offers joy, beauty, breakthroughs, spiritual fulfillment, peace, harmony, and support. This is always a good card to receive. Who doesn't want to be showered in love and blessings, right? 

I know most readers look at the suit of Wands as the creative suit, but I also see creativity all throughout the Cups suit. So, Ace of Cups for me when I pull it means I will be very creative, artistic and rooted in my empath abilities at that time. It is a very intuitive suit and often represents empaths. I link the Cups suit with psychic abilities, so I know with this Ace I can expect vivid psychic dreams, intuitive hits that month and boosts in my intuitive abilities. 

I associate water with healing so Ace of Cups can represent a healing time or opportunity as well. That is just how I view it. Remember, the cards do have traditional meanings, but each reader will start to develop their own meanings associated with the cards the more they work with them. This is yin energy, so it is feminine in nature and receptive, not active. 

My favorite depiction of the Ace of Cups is the Light Seers Tarot again (shown above). A woman is holding a singing bowl at her heart chakra, and there is a ball of light that bursts forth out of the singing bowl and outward from her body. This Ace can prompt us to be more forgiving and loving. I link it to the heart chakra. All in all, this is a good vibe card! 

The message of the Ace of Cups is to follow your heart, imagination and intuition.


The Ace of Swords offers us a new perspective or thought process or a new intellectual conquest. This could be an epiphany, inspired thought, or stroke of genius out of the blue. This can relate to academics, writing, communication, or in relation to legal cases or matters of justice vs. injustice. The suit of swords signifies thoughts, so this Ace can represent new strategies, knowledge, or wisdom. You might be led to follow a new mode of communication. This comes up for me a lot when I am inspired to write. And also when it is a good time for decision-making because I will be in the right frame of mind to see reason and truth from the right perspective. 

This Ace means the truth of the situation cuts sharply through any illusion, delusion, or confusion. You can clearly see the right answer using rationality, not emotion. This is a good card to pull when dealing with legal cases or making a judgment of some kind. I always get this card when there is an opportunity for me to take on a totally new perspective in life or when ancient knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual truths are available for me to download through meditation, automatic writing, or through divination, which is my main way to access the akashic records. This energy is yang energy so it is active and masculine, not receptive. The message of the Ace of Swords is to follow your ideas and inspired thoughts.   

My favorite depiction of the Ace of Swords is the Light Seers Tarot (shown above). There is a staircase inside the mind of the woman on the card. The spiral staircase ascends into the higher dimensions and is surrounded by a light of enlightenment and truth including zodiac signs, esoteric knowledge, and mathematical and scientific equations and symbols. I love how the card depicts the process of enlightenment, ascension, and reaching new academic and spiritual heights. A whole new world has opened up for the figure in the card, and this is what access to the Akashic records looks like to me.


My second favorite Ace of Swords is the Bonestone and Earthflesh tarot (above) which shows a feathered quill. As a writer, I love this depiction of the swords suit.


The Ace of Pentacles offers security, balance, grounding, and fertile ground to plant new seeds. Since Pentacles represent work and finances, this Ace could represent a new opportunity at work, a brand new job, a new area of study, or an opportunity to acquire a new skill. You could be receiving a gift of money, inheritance, a loan at a time of need, winning a reward of some kind, or planting a seed in a work area that could grow into a fruitful venture down the road. It is an omen of success and abundance will surely follow. 

Patience while planting seeds can lead to lucrative pursuits. Just know that you won't always see the return of your efforts right away. Pentacles are slow and tend to pay out over time. Diligence and patience are rewarded in the area of Pentacles. The universe could be handing you the keys required to build on your success, not giving you the actual payout right away. You have to work for the fruits of your labor here, but the seeds will be provided to get you started. 

This Ace offers you grounding. I see this as advice to work on the root chakra and the Earth Star chakra (located about twelve inches below the feet) and to ground, center, or seek out balance, especially the balance between work and home life. Since Pentacles also represent your body and health, it could be an opportunity to work on healing and prioritize physical health. Universal energy could be assisting you with self-care and self-nurturing at this time. Pentacle energy is yin energy so it is feminine and receptive, not active. 

I have 2 favorite depictions of the Ace of Pentacles. The first is the Light Seers Tarot (shown above). You see an image of 2 hands cupping a pentacle with roots growing out from the pentacle to signify planting seeds that will be fruitful. And a nice touch to this card is the dirt on the hands showing the earthy nature of the card and shows me that this individual personally planted this seed and is nurturing the seed as it grows.


The Bonestone and Earthflesh tarot is my second favorite version (shown above). This card shows a skull planted in the ground with the roots clearly shown underground, and a sprouted plant with flowers growing out of the skull. I like the earthy tone to this image and the clear message it is sending with the opportunities for growth after planting seeds and patiently waiting for the return in your investment of time, work, and effort. The message of the Ace of Pentacles is to follow your goals and back them up with your best effort, hard work, and diligence. Pentacle energy always leads to success when you put in the work. You can bank on it. 

And here is a tip that applies to all Aces. If you asked a yes or no question, an ace means yes. If you pull multiple aces for your answer it is a HELL YES!


Other cards that represent new beginnings or cycle changes in the tarot are the Wheel of Fortune, The World Card, and the Death card which signal endings of tough cycles and a new beginning or rebirth approaching. 

The Fool card is the most representative of a new chapter, new adventure, or journey. 

The Tower represents the destruction of something that needed to be destroyed giving you the opportunity to start by laying a completely new foundation that is more solid than the structure the tower was currently balancing on. 

To me, the Judgment card signifies an awakening and a new path alignment that is more compatible with your life path or soul path. 

The 6 of Swords and 8 of Cups always reveal a new start after walking away from something that was either unhealthy, toxic, or unfulfilling, but new journeys will lead to more fulfillment in the near future. 

And each of the 10’s in each suit represents an ending to a tough cycle or situation and a new beginning to a brand new cycle. 


The 2021 Tarot Year Card = 5, which is the Hierophant. This is a major theme that will play out globally this year. I am hoping this energy will provide an opportunity for many to find personal ways to access spiritual knowledge and wisdom versus the traditional manner where the Church has historically used fear to control the masses. We will be heavily in Aquarian energy this year with Saturn and Jupiter moving into Aquarius at the end of December 2020 and staying put all of 2021. This tells me there is a good chance that many across the world will feel led to think outside the box and find new ways to access esoteric material and start their own spiritual rituals and traditions. *I covered how to calculate Tarot Year Cards for individuals and for the world in Podcast Episode 14 if you want to learn more about this subject.

I had a lot of fun creating this Hierophant spread. I am an Indigo child, so my nature is to buck the system and make waves until enough people rise up to create positive change that helps everyone. The Hierophant is always a triggering card for me. It is the card I have the most negative associations with so in this spread I was exploring how to work outside the system and think independently while also recognizing there are still traditions that might be worth keeping. 

The Hierophant card can symbolize religion, the Church, passing on esoteric knowledge in traditional ways upright or untraditional ways in the reversed position. This card can represent education, spiritual studies, spiritual mentorship, occult studies, accessing esoteric knowledge, governmental institutions, colleges, and higher learning through conventional means. I often pull this card in reverse when being advised to buck the system and not conform to the beliefs of those around me. This card comes up for me during times of intense studies of spiritual practices or divination, astrology, energy healing, spiritual realms, etc. 

Newer decks have produced cards that are more palatable to me because they depict spiritual teachers and gurus sharing their knowledge in a non-traditional way compared to the original cards depicting a Pope and church followers kneeling before a religious figure who guards the esoteric knowledge in a way I find as an abuse of power and in a way to control the masses. Like I said this card is very triggering for me. The photos above include the Hierophant (Keeper of the Sacred) from the Light Seers Tarot and the Crone from the Bonestone and Earthflesh Tarot. Both of these cards have been healing for me to work with to help this energy of the Hierophant card not be so triggering or negative for me. I love these modern takes on this card.

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