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This blog post goes along with Healing Thru Tarot Podcast Ep. 52: Aligning With Your Life Purpose + Lightworker Decks + Life Path Spread. In this blog, I’ll discuss the importance of discovering our purpose and aligning with our life path, and I’ll reveal my favorite decks for receiving messages from our guides regarding our soul plan. At the end of the blog, I’ll share a life path and purpose spread to help you align with your specific path. 

Let’s start this discussion by defining the terms life path and purpose. 

When I talk about a life path, I’m referring to the series of experiences, choices, and opportunities that shape an individual's journey throughout their lifetime. A person's life path encompasses the various events, relationships, career paths, and personal growth that a person undergoes from birth to death. It can evolve over time as life circumstances change because we adapt to the situations we experience over the course of our lives. While we have some control over our life path through the choices we make, our path is also impacted by events and external influences beyond our immediate control like our family, societal expectations, health limitations, our career, and encounters with those we meet along the way. 

On the other hand, our life purpose is anchored in a much deeper calling, which ultimately gives our life meaning. And this is often what directs our path because it’s what we feel called or compelled to follow. Our purpose is often related to what we want to contribute to the world. It could be a creation like music or a book or it could be knowledge we feel called to teach. Our purpose is what drives us, and it remains stable and consistent across our life span. It’s a core construct of our very identity. 

Think of how you identify yourself – maybe you’re a healer, a teacher, a care giver, a leader, or a creator of some kind. That role is rooted in your purpose. It’s not just a goal, it’s a calling and often it leads to fulfilment when we’re aligned with our soul’s purpose. Often, people find their purpose in an introspective process like psychotherapy, through a voyage of some kind like hiking across the mountains, a reclusive retreat, or a spiritual awakening. Think the Hermit card here - retreating from society to seek enlightenment! 

I’d describe the life path as a winding road with multiple crossroads. And while on this journey, it is our purpose that’s the compass steering us to the right choices to stay on course with our mission. The path is the journey and the experiences we encounter, but the purpose is the reason we took the voyage in the first place to fulfill some deeper need at the soul level. Aligning to both can lead to a purpose-driven life that is meaningful and rewarding. 

By now you may be asking, What’s my purpose? 

There are several different ways you can ascertain your purpose that we will cover today. 

Many times you’ll find that your purpose is connected to your first love in life. Spend some time remembering what attracted your attention in early to mid-childhood. What did you love to do as a child? Was it drawing, writing, playing music, using your imagination, or reading and talking about certain topics? Doing some inner child work and spreads can bring these to mind again. And ask your parents if you have trouble remembering on your own. Odds are that you’re already exhibiting the traits and actions of your purpose even if you don’t know it. 

Look at how others describe you – do they say you are empathic, a good listener, a good teacher, or a trailblazer? How others see us often gives us the biggest clues to our purpose, especially if this comes from members in your soul family, which is the group of souls we incarnate with throughout many lifetimes. If your soul tribe is urging you to take up a new class or pick up a new skill that’s a big clue to the path you’re supposed to start next. And if you start to hear the same message over and over again pay close attention to it. 

What lights your soul on fire? 

The answer to this question is your biggest clue! Always go with the passion that resonates the most for you. What do you wake up thinking about? What do you have an insatiable thirst for? What interest or hobby could you talk endlessly about? 

Can you guess mine? 

Yeah, it’s tarot. I could talk about it for hours and hours. Finding tarot put me on this new path of teaching tarot for healing through this podcast and through writing my whole fictional book series, The Divining Sisters, centered on the topics of spiritual awakenings, magic, healing, past lives, and divination. Blending my passion about healing and psychology with the ancient wisdom in the tarot has left me feeling more aligned with my path than ever. 

What do other people say you light up about? Those are all clues that the passion that glows within you is what you’re here to teach or use in your life for healing or growth. Much of our path is going to include lessons we’ve signed up to learn, wounds we’ve signed up to heal, or things we’ve agreed to teach others. 

Your life path won’t really feel like work. It will energize you and won’t drain you. Think about what you would do with your time if even if you didn’t get paid for it. I’d definitely still write because it wants to just pour out of me. For most of us, our path will bring us pure joy and will ooze out of us naturally. 

In therapy, I’ve seen clients who came in severely depressed because they were never allowed to express themselves through their natural gifts or were kept from pursuing a career in line with those talents. Leaving them feeling listless in middle age as they search for meaning in their lives. Reconnecting them with the gifts that they exhibited early in life is one of the first things we try to help alleviate their depression. 

It’s so important to align with your life purpose because severe depression can set in if you aren’t connected to the path you’re on. It’s called existential depression. I dedicated a whole episode to this in Ep. 45 called Navigating the Dark Night of the Soul where I dive deeply into what existential depression is and how to find your way out of it. If you could sit down and create your ideal life including your dream job, what would you dream up? You will feel so strongly attracted to your purpose that it will surface when given the opportunity to create your dream life. 

What can you see yourself doing for the rest of your life? 

To stay on path, that fire usually must burn brightly to keep us so engrossed in that area. Lifelong dreams and goals are almost always related to our purpose. 

Has anyone ever told you that you changed them for the better? If so, what action of yours motivated or inspired them? That helps you narrow things down drastically because the universe will give you positive reinforcement when you’re acting in alignment of your purpose because it motivates you to continue following down that path. Also, think about examples of when things magically aligned for you. Have opportunities or jobs suddenly appeared at just the right moment. Have free classes been made available to you so you can master a new skill? That’s the universe providing you with the resources you need to step into your purpose.

If you have to force things to work for you or keep running into obstacles, step back and reassess. If it’s not the right time, then you will get the message to continue mastering your skills or working on your craft, but the message may be to slow down until things start to flow for you. Trust Divine Timing because timing is very important when aligning with your purpose. Learn to co-create with the universe to align things in your life at the right time. Then open yourself to be flexible for what unfolds. When seeking to align with your purpose, I suggest following role models and mentors who share a similar path. Watch talks with these individuals; read books they’ve written; or talk with them about their journey and how they’ve found success in achieving the goals related to their purpose and how they’ve dealt with obstacles on their journey. 

If you have a few things in mind and can’t decide which might be your purpose, try this exercise. Pull each of those options up in your mind and concentrate on each separately. Notice how your body feels with each option. With your life purpose, your energy should expand, maybe in your solar plexus or heart chakra or even your sacral chakra. If your energy restricts, fades, or drains you when you hold an idea in mind, then that is most likely not your purpose. You’ll feel naturally drawn to what you signed up to complete in this life. 

And no purpose is too small. We all make a difference. It’s up to us how big of a splash we want to make. So, don’t overlook all those small changes you inspire too. Our purpose can be a handful of changes made at the microlevel that will lead to bigger changes later. You could be the catalyst that sparks a life change for someone, and you may not even know it at the time just like in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life. 

In the first book in my series, The Divining Sisters, my protagonist has a very small encounter with a colleague who calls her out for playing small and that criticism nags her throughout the entire series. It’s an interaction that only lasts seconds, but the sequence of events that it sparks is enormous and pivotal to her spiritual journey. Just know there are daily interactions occurring that you may not even register that are helping to nudge others on their paths. 

As we go through this journey of life, we will evolve so our path may evolve with us and we could change careers or interests especially around our Saturn Returns that occur at ages 29, 58.5 and 84. But even though we may shift how we express our gifts, they will most likely have a theme that’s similar. For example, I will always be a healer and teacher. This has taken the form of psychotherapy, podcasting on tarot as a healing tool, and writing fictional books about characters who teach us about healing and spiritual awakenings. In all that I do there is a common theme of inspiring others to heal and improve their lives. But I may shift how I channel that energy out into the world.

It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Carl Jung below

If you want more clarification on your path make sure to set the intention for your path to become clear to you. We have to be open to the things we want to receive, so before you go to bed at night set the intention to dream about your path. Then start journaling about your dreams and see if there is a pattern that develops over time that lends clues to your path and purpose. And think about significant moments in your life including patterns that have repeated, obstacles that have challenged you, or achievements you’re especially proud of. These can help point you to the lessons your soul signed up to learn in this incarnation. Those recurring cycles have been instrumental in shaping your path so far. 

The Star in the tarot represents aligning with your life path and Judgement also represents our higher calling/purpose. If you’re tracking your tarot year cards look back to see which cards are repeating over and over again. Your birth chart could hold these same clues if you look at the position of your north and south nodes and which signs and houses they fall within. Your south node is where you will feel comfortable, and you will tend to gravitate to this area because it’s an area that feels familiar, but this is your karma and what you’ve mastered in a past life. So even though you may want to cling to that area as your comfort zone, our purpose is revealed where our north node lies. That’s our dharma, and where we need to grow and expand in our life – the area we need to move toward. Sometimes this will strike fear when you learn of your purpose but remember that often what we desire and where we are supposed to tread is on the other side of our deepest fears. It takes courage to push through this fear, but that’s where the most growth can be attained.  

Discovering your life path number and tarot birth card can help direct you to your path as well. Check out Ep. 20 called Calculating and Working with Tarot Birth Cards and Life Path Numbers. That’s a quick place to start if you need an entry point into this process. 

As with most things, go inward to find these answers. Connecting with your inner self is vital when trying to align with the plan your soul designed before incarnating. I dedicated an entire episode to teaching you how to tune into your own inner wisdom and guidance in Ep. 37 Healing with the Mystic Archetype 

Here’s a list of questions you could meditate on and journal about to help gather the clues to your purpose. See if journaling or meditating on these questions help to point you in the right direction. 

If you’ve narrowed down your purpose and path to a handful of choices after some reflecting, start to experiment with the different options. Explore how it feels to embrace those gifts and roles. Experimentation helps give us clarity when exploring new experiences. If you struggle to find time for this, take it on as a hobby and who knows it could later develop into a whole new career path. That’s what happened for me with tarot and writing. Doorways will open to you once you step into your purpose. Just focus on the version of yourself that’s trying to emerge as you grow and evolve on your path. 

Much like the healing process, a journey to finding one's life path is not always linear. Things may not unfold in the way you envisioned it. Try to be patient and expect twists and turns along this winding path. There are valuable life lessons unfolding during this process. Be as flexible as you can so that you experience all the growth you’re meant to on this transformative path. Stay in the flow and follow your joy and passion and you can’t go wrong. Even if it takes you a little time to work these things out, you won’t miss what’s meant for you.  

Decks For Exploring Soul Journeys, Life Paths, and Your Purpose

Whenever I’m reading about life paths there’s a group of decks that I gravitate toward. 

The Light Seers Tarot is my soul deck because it sums up everything I feel about my soul path. The images speak to my soul and resonate on such a deep level.

I love to read with this deck along with the Sacred Creators Oracle because they both help me get on track and stay there with soul-guided messages on how to reach other lightworkers and how to shine as brightly as I can so others can find me. And there’s now a mini pocket version of the Light Seers Tarot so I never have to be without this deck! I’ll read with it for life. The Sacred Creators Oracle and The Light Seers Tarot shown above together.

For a deep soul chat, I look to the Lightworker Oracle (shown above) and the Sacred Rebels Oracle (shown below) both by Alaina Fairchild. I get an indigo child feel to the Sacred Rebels Oracle. And all of Alaina’s decks feel like you get a full reading from pulling just 1 card. 

She channels and downloads these messages from the Light to help give you the perfect message you need to hear at just the right moment. The Sacred Rebels Oracle is in my list of top oracles that I couldn’t live without. I often use it to close out my tarot readings for clients because it’s always the perfect message for the moment and tends to sum up the whole reading nicely. And the guidebook offers meaty, lengthy messages and invocations to use to usher in the exact healing you need at the moment. 

The Work Your Light Oracle and the Starseed Oracle (both shown above) have such similar energy that I always read these as if they were one deck. They’re my number one choice for starseeds and lightworkers who want to gain messages related to their journey here. These speak straight to my soul. Each card pull feels like my soul whispering what I need to hear to validate my struggles that come from living in this dense world. For anyone who ever feels like it’s just too much to be here, I suggest pulling these out. They ground me instantly back in my path and remind me what’s special and unique about me and reconnect me with what I signed up to do here. 

Other decks I’d suggest that I’ve also reviewed on the podcast before would be the Soul Journeys Cards, (shown above) Mystical Healing Reading Cards, and The Enchanted Map OracleI often use all these decks for one massive life path reading like the one below. These soul messages are powerful and never fail to point me in the right direction. Links for all the decks discussed in this blog are located at the end of this blog. 

Life Path/Purpose Spread

Here's the Life Path/Purpose spread to help us identify our purpose and align with our life path. If you throw this spread, I’d love to see yours. Please tag me on Instagram @healingthrutarot and please use #HTTlifepurposespread

If you’re wanting to delve further into your life purpose and find ways to align with your soul’s life path, check out the Healing Thru Tarot spread eBook that I created called Life Path & Life Purpose Spread ebook – this contains 15 custom spreads to align to your life path and sail to success including the life path realignment spread, lightwork path guidance spread, bird's eye view of my life path, karmic healing path, avoiding pitfalls on my path, advice from future self and many more spreads. 

There’s plenty of spreads here to guide you onto the right path so that you can fulfill the path you came here to complete. You can find this along with all 5 of my spread eBooks in my Healing Thru Tarot spread eBook line on healingthrutarot.com – this eBook is $12 – all of my spread books range from $10-15, which is very affordable for all you get in return. Here's the list of the spreads you can find in this spread eBook. Purchase here

Books and Decks shown in this blog or recommended: 

The Enchanted Map Oracle, The Light Seers TarotSacred Creators OracleLightworker Oracle, Mystical Healing Reading Cards, Work Your Light OracleStarseed OracleRider Waite Smith TarotSacred Rebels Oracle, Soul Journeys Cards

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