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I’m so happy to announce that book 2 in my new fictional divination book series, The Divining Sisters Series has released on Feb. 21, 2023.

Book 2 is titled We Divine Three. In this blog, I want to share a few scenes from my new book with you and I’ll talk about the themes and new characters that we meet in this book. 

First, let me catch you up if you aren’t familiar with my series yet. 

The Divining Sisters is a fictional divination series that follows a group of women who are witches, healers, and diviners in multiple lives, and they reincarnate lifetime after lifetime to reunite with their coven so they can fulfill a mission of keeping their craft of divination, healing, and magic alive for future generations.

I released book 1 in The Divining Sisters Series in late June 2022. Book 1 is called The Call of the Cards - shown above. I’ll summarize that book for you to get you up to speed. 

So, we start the series by meeting the main character, Dr. Alexandra Steele who is a clinical psychologist in Memphis TN, and we see her discover tarot for the first time in a mystical store in downtown Memphis. She’s instantly captivated by the cards, and they soon enter her dreams unlocking memories of numerous past lifetimes with divination. In this series, her past lives are shown through her dream life, and we see how past-life fears and traumas keep her hiding in the shadows and playing small in this life. This character has a vivid dream life and most of her dreams in the series are connected to the lives she’s recovering that are related to her intuitive gifts that are emerging, so these dreams are very significant and a large part of the storyline. 

Reconnecting with the cards sparks a spiritual awakening which changes her life and leads her to past coven sisters who help her work through the lingering fears of persecution that have traveled across lifetimes with her as she’s been hunted and persecuted for her work with the cards and with witchcraft in the past. In book 1, The Call of the Cards, we see her connect with a soul sister, Isobel Frey (Izzy), who has been a biological sister in many previous lifetimes, and in book 2 we see them searching for their other sister who they believe has reincarnated at this time. So, book 2 shows that search for her. 

The series focuses on reconnecting w/ past life-gifts, sisterhood, empowerment through facing fears, & learning to step out of the shadows which for Alexandra occurs through her work with the tarot. If you’d like to hear more about book 1, I have a bonus episode of Healing Thru Tarot from June 29 2022 where I read excerpts and a full chapter from book 1. 

I’m loving writing this series. It’s magical, mystical and very witchy but also healing, soul stirring, and empowering. I see it as a mix of A Discovery of Witches, Charmed, Witches of East End, and Practical Magic. So, if you love those books and shows, then you’ll probably like my books as well. 

Book Blurb for We Divine Three

Now, that you are caught up, I want to share with you the blurb for book 2 to give you a taste of the storyline. 

Hopefully, that sounds intriguing. I’m so proud of this book. And one of the things I’m most excited about it that fact that book 2 is told through 3 different main points of view. Whereas, book 1 was mainly through Alexandra’s viewpoint. So, if you love Izzy, now you get to see things from her perspective, and we will see from their sister’s point of view and we see what she is up to across the country. So, there’s lots going on in this 2nd installment of the series. And, there’s tons of divination in this one – we have tea leaves, Lenormand, tarot, oracle, pendulums, charms, scrying, and astrology along with new moon and full moon rituals, remote viewing, and spell work. 

More elements of their past witch lives comes through in this book, and we’ll see that increase as we get further into the series. And of course, my favorite part of the series is writing the flashbacks and dream sequences where we see them re-connect with their past lives. We will see how the sisters all connect with each other’s past histories and how it all ties in to the witch hunts in Salem and Europe. The theme of sisterhood is strong in book 2 as Alex and Izzy work to locate their sister and as they connect with more coven sisters from their past. 

We learn more about Alex’s nemesis, Marlena, as well. She’s the witch who hexed Alex in a past life. We learn a little bit about her in book 1, but we get more detail in book 2. I won’t say too much about that, so I don’t spoil anything for you. 

Now, I’d like to share the opening scene from book 2, We Divine Three, with you. I’ll set the scene. This book starts off in July 2019. Book 1 ended around late June 2019 so only a few weeks have passed. We open with one of Alexandra’s past-life dreams and it shows the three sisters in a shared life. Here we go. 



Alexus picked up a crooked tree branch and drew a circle in the dirt, enclosing herself and her younger sisters, Isadora and Hester, in the sacred circle. She dabbed a drop of anointing oil on her wrists and third eye. Her sisters followed suit as they watched the moon rise high in the sky. 

     “Under the protective light of this Hunter’s Moon, I open this circle and call upon our ancestors to commune with us on this sacred night,” Alexus called out to the wondrously bright full moon as she stroked the amulet draped around her neck.

     Inside the circle, Alexus drew down the energy of the glowing orb as Isadora drummed beside her. Hester held a small, wooden bowl as Alexus directed the lunar energy into the shimmering water cradled in the bowl. 

     There was no need for the sisters to speak. They moved as one as the magic flowed between them as it had for centuries. This ancient magic resided in their bones, coursed through their veins, and thrummed through their fingertips. Every cell was alive with the hum of magic that had been passed down through their lineage for millennia. Every full moon beckoned them to the woods to celebrate the magic that accompanied the moon reaching its peak strength. Moon magic had been a ritual that their ancestors had practiced for generations. They had gathered under this same glorious moon to weave spells, cast runes, and set intentions. 

     As the moon matured each night between the new moon and full moon, a spark flourished within Alexus — a spell yearning to be cast. Tonight, they needed clarity for the days to come, and she wove her spell with this intention. She feared the witch hunters were closing in, and she needed guidance on how to proceed to keep her sisters safe. 

     Isadora slipped into a trance as she methodically drummed, chanting softly as Alexus declared their full moon intentions. 

     As the magic thundered to the surface, Alexus’ skin crackled with electricity, stiffening the tiny hairs on her arms and the back of her neck. The words burst forth as she released the rush of magic that had been building over the past few days as if the words had been aching to be spoken and liberated at this very moment. 

     “As you shine your majestic light down upon us on this divine night, we give our thanks for the blessings you provide. With open hearts, we ask for clarity, intuitive knowing, and foresight for this next fortnight. May your light heighten our connection with our ancestors and guide us through these dark, trying days.” She sprinkled the newly gathered moon water around the fire and threw salt into the flames as they chanted and Isadora drummed.

     Alexus’ body ached with a desire for her words to reach the heavens where her ancestors watched from above. 

     Would they hear her plea? 

     At that moment, her neck prickled, and her skin tingled from head to toe. 

     They had heard her prayer. 

     The sisters danced in celebration that their ancestors were watching over them and showering them with a protective spell. The moonlight danced in the water as each sister jubilantly drank from the bowl before closing out their lunar ritual.

     With linked hands, the three sisters chanted in unison, “So say we; we divine three; so mote it be.” 


Alexandra Steele awoke moments before her alarm was set to go off. She cherished her dreams of lifetimes past with her soul sisters. These nightly visits gave her comfort that they would soon cross paths again. The heartache that crept in late at night was crushing, but these memories of their past incarnations soothed that homesickness she’d grown accustomed to the past few weeks since she and Izzy had discovered that they had a sister. 

     Dreams of the three of them together gave her hope that the prophecy from her dream over the summer just might come to pass. In a dream from their past life as oracles at the Oracle of Delphi, she’d heard a prophecy high on the mountain, “Someone is coming into your life soon. Prepare for her arrival.” That same night Izzy had heard a voice whisper, “Alexandra is one of three sisters.” All they knew so far was this sister existed, and both felt strongly that they could soon be reunited with her given that they’d received messages about her on the same night. 

     Since that night, they’d both begun to have dreams of her, although no clear identifiers had come through. Most of their dreams and visions had come in a blurry haze or in a piecemeal fashion, which didn’t offer any clear assistance. They were both determined to find her, no matter what it took. 

     What they knew for sure was that they both were feeling a stronger energetic presence through these dreams and recollections. Alex was sure she had connected with her energy a few months ago when tapping into their past coven’s energy. It was only for a moment, but her energy had been so warm and comforting. It had only fueled her desire to reconnect with her. She hoped their sister could feel them too. This was the first dream where she’d retrieved a name — Hester. Finally, they had their first clue. 

     Minutes later, Alex shuffled her new Oracle of Shadows and Light deck while reflecting on her dream. The Three Witches card flew out of the deck along with The Three Fates card. She grabbed her Lightworker Oracle and pulled a card to complete the spread – the Past Life Activation card. 

     From this quick reading, it was clear that their gifts from past incarnations were awakening. Her reunion with Izzy almost a year ago had activated her mystical gifts and set their journey in motion. Before long, they might be reunited with Hester as well.

I love exploring their past incarnations through these detailed dream sequences, and I hope you do too. I’ve found this is the best way to introduce their past-life narratives in an way that immerses us in the story. 

Now I’m going to jump ahead in the book and read part of a chapter where the third sister is introduced. In this lifetime her name is Hazel, but we will see throughout book 2 which sister she is throughout their past shared lives. This book reveals a great deal of detail about their other incarnations which I love to weave in throughout this present day story. It shows how we are significantly influenced today by our experiences and gifts from other lives. I chose this scene to share with you because this scene introduces us to Hazel which is a brand new character in this book series. Let's meet Hazel!

Hazel Palmer’s ‘69 mustang pulled into Salem, Massachusetts as the hot summer sun rose high in the sky. With the top down, the breeze made the heat bearable. Her legs had fallen asleep after driving straight through lunch; she needed to stop to stretch. 

     She parked her car on Essex Street and strolled through the town peering into the storefront windows adorned with witches and brooms. She hadn’t planned on driving this far north, but she couldn’t fight the magnetic pull that had drawn her in this direction all week. 

     Her stomach growled. 

     Oh, right, lunch

     She followed the mouthwatering smell of fish and chips to the entrance of Rockafellas, a local Salem restaurant. 

     Just missed the lunch crowd. Good. 

     She made her way to the bar. 

     “Sit anywhere you like,” the bartender said as he whipped by with full glasses to deliver to patrons at the end of the bar. 

     “Can I get you something to drink?” the bartender asked a few moments later, throwing a Rockafellas coaster down in front of her. 

     “Iced tea, please.” 

     “You got it.” He dropped a lunch menu next to the coaster. 

     She flipped through the menu as she waited. 

     “Anything look good to you?” He set her drink on the coaster. 

     “Everything looks good; that’s the problem.” 

     The fish and chips were tempting, but she wanted something lighter. “The fish tacos,” Hazel replied, closing the menu before she changed her mind again. 

     “Excellent choice. Are you staying in town or just passing through?” 

     “Not sure yet. Any recommendations for hotels if I stay?” 

     “Depends on your price range. Places start booking up the closer we get to autumn, and prices climb this time of year.” 

     “Right, that makes sense.” 

     “The inns are starting to fill up. Check with the Hawthorne Hotel,” he suggested before putting in her order with the kitchen. 

     She pulled up the Hawthorne Hotel on her phone and skimmed the page for the prices of the few rooms available. 

     Her stomach sank. 

     She couldn’t afford a few hundred dollars a night. She checked the sites of a few of the local bed and breakfast inns, and the bartender had been right — no vacancies for the next few weeks. 

     She had a limited amount of funds in her pocket that would need to be stretched until she could pick up work. She wasn’t sure what her plans were for the foreseeable future. There was no way to know when her next paying gig would materialize. She lived on the road, and never gave too much thought to where she would end up next. 

     She’d been traveling up the East Coast for weeks with no specific long-term plans, but now she would need to stay in town long enough to earn some cash to keep traveling. She took odd jobs along the way to make ends meet. She hadn’t gone to college like her peers, so she relied on her artistic skills to get by. She didn’t stay in one place too long and enjoyed traveling the country and drawing the places she visited along the way. Unfortunately, she had no savings and would need to find a job soon or she’d be sleeping in her car for the week. 


After her late lunch, Hazel walked down Essex Street to check out a few of the shops and hunt for any leads on job openings where she could earn some quick cash. She had struck out at most of the shops so far. No one needed any help for the season. 

     She opened the door to The Coven’s Cottage but turned around at the last minute as something pulled her down the street. She followed a group of tourists to Alchemy, a charming mystical shop. 

     An array of scents greeted Hazel as she opened the door to Alchemy. 

     Mmm…sage, patchouli, and lavender.  

     The store housed a range of items from books, crystals, and incense to all kinds of divinatory tools. She gravitated toward the tarot section in the back of the store. She didn’t own many tarot decks as she was always on the go and had to keep her possessions to a minimum, but she owned a few trusty decks that never steered her wrong. While she didn’t have the funds to purchase any new decks, she still loved to browse all the new ones on the market. Her original Rider Waite Smith Tarot and The Everyday Witch Tarot were her most used decks that she would never part with. 

     Moments later, she found herself gazing into the crystal ball sitting atop a wooden table in the middle of the store. As she peered into the orb, she was overcome with déjà vu as if she’d been in this store before. 

     That’s not possible

     Even though it made her uneasy, she glanced back into the crystal ball. A vision slowly began to form — a middle-aged woman with shoulder-length brown hair gazing into the same crystal ball. 

     Was she seeing herself looking into this orb? 

     No, that can’t be. The hair color’s darker, and the woman’s older

     This image lured her closer to the surface of the sphere. It was as if the woman was reaching out to her. 

     Hazel stumbled backward, losing her balance. 

     “Can I help you, miss?” 

     “Oh, I’m sorry. I just got dizzy for a moment.” She stepped away from the crystal ball, bewildered. 

     “Here, why don’t you sit down for a moment until you feel better.” The store clerk grabbed a chair from the palmistry reader’s table and offered it to her. 

     “Thank you.” Hazel sat down and shook her head, still struggling to work out what the vision meant. She found herself telling the clerk about the image she’d just seen. 

     “You must’ve heard this same thing from many customers.” 

     “No, not really. Most people don’t see anything, although they try their darndest. Every once in a blue moon, a gifted diviner might catch a glimpse of the future or the past.” 

     “Oh, well now I feel silly. It couldn’t have been anything like that.” 

     “Why not? You’ve got the sight, don’t you, dear?” 

     “Huh?” Hazel was taken aback by the clerk’s insight. She’d just met her, yet it was as if she could see right to the heart of her. 

     “Nothing to stress over, dear. I didn’t mean anything by it. I’m sure whatever you saw isn’t anything to worry about. You probably just need to take it easy for the afternoon. Make sure and lie down for a bit.” 

     “I wish I could but that would mean lying down in my car. It’s all I have at the moment.” 

     “Well, that won’t do,” the clerk said, shaking her head. “Don’t you have a place you can stay for the night?” 

     “I haven’t found any vacancies…at least that I can afford.” 

     “Were you planning on staying in town long?” 

     “Not really. I just stopped to stretch my legs and grab a quick bite. After lunch, I checked with a couple of stores, but none were hiring. I was just about to give up hope, then I felt drawn to this store like it was calling out to me.” 

     “That isn’t the first time I’ve heard that.” She chuckled. 

     “Is this your store?” 

     “Yes, I’m sorry. In all the confusion I forgot to properly introduce myself. My name is Esmerelda Varga,” she said with a kind smile. “I own the place.” 

     Esmerelda’s nurturing green aura expanded far out from her heart chakra and enveloped Hazel, calming her. 

     Hazel smiled. “I’m Hazel Palmer. Thank you for being so kind and attentive. I don’t mean to take you away from your customers.” 

     “It’s no trouble at all.” 

     Hazel stood up but swayed from side to side. 

     Esmerelda rushed in to steady her. “I’m afraid I can’t let you leave if you’re still light-headed. Why don’t you sit back down and have a proper rest? There’s no rush.” 

     She sat back down, flustered. 

     “If you don’t have anywhere to go, it would be my pleasure to have you stay the night.” 

     “Here, in the store?” Hazel looked around, confused. 

     “Oh, no, dear,” she said with a laugh. “I have a spare room above the store. No one’s using it at the moment.” 

     “Oh, I hate to be a nuisance. I’m sure I’ll feel better in a few minutes,” Hazel stammered, uncomfortable at the thought of putting someone out. 

     “You won’t be a bother at all. I’d feel better if I knew you were safe. If you haven’t found a place to stay yet, your options in town are quite limited. It’s not like cheaper accommodations will magically appear.” 

     A customer interrupted their conversation to ask for assistance with the selection of a candle for a spell. 

     “I’ll be right back. Just take a moment to rest here,” Esmerelda said before guiding the customer to the section in the back of the store with the candles. 

     Hazel took several deep, steady breaths to try and balance herself. She attempted to put the vision she’d seen in the crystal ball out of her mind to calm her nerves. The more she thought about her options, the more it felt right to stay in Salem for a little while. It might be nice to stay in one place for a change. If she stayed, she’d need a place to sleep. It was too late in the day to keep driving with no guarantee of availability in any other place she landed. 

     She had always been intrigued by Salem. There was no better place to immerse herself in the world of mystical arts than Salem, and Esmerelda was so welcoming. She would be in good hands if she stayed under her roof. 

     “How long have you been traveling?” Esmerelda asked when she returned to check on her.

     “I live on the road. There’s no specific place I call home. I’ve been traveling along the Eastern Coast the past month, drawing aura portraits at a few local psychic fairs. I was out West for the better part of last year. I just go where I feel called.” 

     “Well, this is perfect timing.” Esmerelda pointed to the sign in the front window. “I just put that sign up this week looking for a new hire. If you’re interested, you could work here to offset the rent of the room upstairs and earn a little bit extra for your travels. I would only charge fifty dollars a week. The room’s nothing much to speak of.” 

     Hazel gave the offer serious thought. 

     I’m not going to find a better price anywhere along the coast.  

     “I’ve never offered aura portraits in the store before, but we could give it a try. It might drive in new business for folks in town who might be burnt out on tarot and palmistry readings.”  

     “I do feel better about it if I could work to cover the rent,” Hazel said, relieved to have stumbled on a solution for lodging and a paying job. 

     “Come with me,” Esmerelda said, gesturing for Hazel to follow her. She gave her a tour of the small but cozy room on the second floor directly above the store. “I know it isn’t much space, but hopefully you’ll feel at home here.” 

     “This looks perfect.” Hazel surveyed the small room. “I don’t need much room. I only have two suitcases for my clothes and a canvas bag with my art supplies in the car. I can’t thank you enough, Esmerelda. You’re a lifesaver!” 

     “Call me Esme, dear. Go ahead and grab your bags, so we can get you set up before it gets dark.”  

     After unloading the car, Hazel hung a few outfits in the tiny closet and unpacked the frayed canvas bag that held her art supplies and tarot decks. She traveled lightly, so she was settled into her new room within minutes. Her minimalist lifestyle provided her the freedom to pick up and travel to a new town whenever she got the urge to roam. Out on the road, each day was a mystery, and that’s what she loved about it. 

     She’d left home over a decade ago at age seventeen after a fight with her overbearing father. She hadn’t put down roots anywhere since. She was still searching for a place to call home, but she wasn’t going to force it. She kept her focus on the present day and left the rest up to fate. It was the only way she knew to survive, and it seemed to work for her.

      Esme had offered her dinner, but Hazel was still stuffed from lunch, and this gave her time to set up her room before turning in early. She had a headache from the episode earlier, but at least the dizziness was gone. She unpacked a few toiletries before settling in bed. She wasn’t sure how long she’d be staying, so there was no need to unpack all her belongings. She would take it one day at a time. 

     She drifted off to sleep easily even though she was in a new environment. She felt oddly safe and protected within these walls.

That’s all I can share with you now. That’s not the full chapter, but I don’t want to give too much away. I want you intrigued enough to be hungry for more. What I love about book 2 is that we spend a lot of time exploring Salem, Massachusetts since Hazel, one of the main characters, lands there and we see her story play out throughout the entire book. Writing those chapters brings me a lot of joy. I’ve always been drawn to Salem, so writing about this historic town transports me to another place and time that unlocks something magical within me, and I think that comes out in the book. The Salem Witch Trials serve as a significant back drop to help orient us to the importance that event had on gifted witches and diviners for centuries and that is still very much present today for many who are reincarnated witches and mystics. That history weaves in and out of the tapestry of my storyline and in the history of the main characters. 

Now that I’ve shared with you some scenes from book 2, I hope you will go out and buy it to experience this magic for yourself. And if you haven’t read book 1, start your magical journey today. You’ll have 2 books to catch up with.

Book 3 in the series is slated to release in autumn 2023. I’m planning for around 4 books in the main series, but I already have plans for prequels where I dive into Alexandra’s past incarnations where she was heavily steeped in the world of divination and witchcraft. If you’ve read the books, you’ll be happy to know that Alexus will definitely be one of the incarnations that will get her own stand-alone book as well as Addie and a few more incarnations you won’t learn about until book 3. 

As you can probably tell, I’m incredibly proud of this series. I hope this story inspires readers to tap into their own gifts and into the practice of divination as I find it such an enlightening and insightful tool. Divination is such a focal point of this series because I wrote the book I wanted to read. 

You can find the ebook and paperback of The Call of the Cards which is book 1 and We Divine Three which is book 2 on Amazon. And the ebooks are also on Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Google Play, Kobo, Scribd, Smashwords and more. The Ebook is $4.99 and the paperback is $14.99 

If you get a copy, please leave a book review on whatever platform you buy it on if you enjoy it. That really helps me out and can help get my book in front of more readers. And please also review it on good reads. And please follow my author profile on Good Reads here

Some readers left the following 5 star Amazon and Google Play reviews of Book 1 The Call of the Cards 

“The metaphysical series I've been waiting for! I was hooked from the beginning and even find myself slowing down my reading speed because I want it to last. The characters are so relatable and genuine, and the explanations of tarot readings and past life stories is spot on!  I'm eagerly awaiting the next ones. Please, please, Heather, keep writing.” 

"Inspirational and Entertaining!!! This book has me wanting to expand my crystal collection, find a reiki energy healer, get in touch with my spirit guides and past lives, and also has me eagerly awaiting the rest of the series! Thank you for bringing us this new witchy series to fall in love with. Bravo!” 

"I love this book, it's not just about Tarot. It's about much much more! The information is presented in a way that will inspire both newcomers and seasoned practitioners who love Tarot, magic, healing, manifestation, and personal spiritual development. I was quickly drawn into the story. The characters are so relatable, and the explanations of Tarot readings, spiritual healing and past life stories are absolutely accurate. I can't wait to read the next books.” 

"Fantastic book! So inspiring & beautifully written. This book has me so excited for the next one to come out, and it has me wanting to connect with my own past life incarnations! I haven't been so into a book not wanting to put it down since The Harry Potter series, and I do personally think this book is better! The story is so relatable and so magical. My only complaint is that it's over. This is a story that will continue to live in my mind forever. I loved all of it! The author shares links for every book & deck mentioned in the story as well. If you're a fan of mysticism, Tarot, past lives, & all the magick life has to offer, then this is the book for you!" 

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If you want to check out more from the book, you can download a free sample on Amazon on the kindle ebook page – there you can read the first 4 chapters of the book to get a feel for it. I really hope you love this book and The Divining Sisters Series as much as I do. I’m excited to get it into your hands so that this magical experience can be shared with the world.  If you get a copy, let me know what you think and please leave a review.

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Writing all of these complex storylines for this book series, can be mentally taxing. Luckily, I’ve found a little magical elixir that helps me stay focused as I shift between all these story lines as I write multiple books at a time. Magic Mind is my new coffee replacement that keeps my mind organized so I can remember all of the scenes I want to add to all my books. This 2-ounce elixir is easier on my stomach than coffee and doesn’t leave me with jitters. I sip on it right before my writing sessions and I get in a good 7 hours of productive work thanks to the natural ingredients like the nootropics and adaptogens that not only help me stay focused but also relaxed as I write through the evening. Of course, you can drink it any time of day. If you’d like to try this elixir for yourself, go to https://www.magicmind.co/htt You can use my Code at checkout: HTT20 (all caps) to get 40% off your first subscription or 20% off your first one-time purchase. My 40% off code only lasts 10 days, so hurry to catch that deal. They also have a money back guarantee. If you’re a writer like me or just someone looking for enhanced productivity as you work, give Magic Mind a try.

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