12 Oct

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Well, Autumn is officially here, and I am so ready for it. Autumn is absolutely my favorite time of year. I want to share with you all of my favorite autumn tarot and oracle decks that I use this time of year and how I work with my decks seasonally. I have my Witches Brew candle from sibyl apothecary burning in the background today, so I’m really feeling the Autumn vibes as I write tonight.

I don’t know about you, but I start to feel a seasonal shift early around this time of year. I know that Fall doesn’t officially start until September 22 with the fall equinox. BUT Starting August 1st I notice a drastic change in my energy and mood. I am starting to feel things shifting around me and preparing for the turn of fall. I decorate my house seasonally, so I usually get the fall decorations out on August 1st because that is around the time that I start to feel things shifting, and I feel a call to get in that mode. I never fight that feeling. Once I start decorating, it changes the whole vibe of the house, so it is always such a positive act for me. Here is a photo of my mantle decked out this year with my fall decorations.

I decorate with all the autumn colors – bright oranges, yellows, reds and burnt rust colors. Color therapy is very important to me, so I surround myself with all the colors that lift my mood. My fall decorations and my Halloween decorations are completely different, so around mid-September I pull out the Halloween decorations and create a witch’s corner of potion bottles and trinkets I’ve handcrafted myself over the years. The past few years I have started adding divination in my Halloween decorations, so I now include tarot and oracle decks, runes and my crystal ball in the arrangements. I even cut out tiny tarot cards for my miniature fortune teller with light up candles surrounding her card reading table. It is adorable. I dim the lights late at night and pull cards for myself and even write in this room for inspiration. Here is a photo from my 2018 Halloween display. I'll post my 2020 display in my next blog.

Autumn has a witchy feel for me, as I am sure it does for so many of you listening. So, fall is my time to connect with my inner witch and inner mystic. I notice that I feel more in sync with the rhythm of nature this time of year, and I feel my healthiest and most grounded this time of year. And when I say grounded I mean I feel more rooted in my authentic self. The veil is thin this time of year, so I am probably not completely grounded in the spiritual sense because I do find that it is easy to get lost in readings and connecting with guides this time of year.  In that sense, I may be more in the clouds. Internally, I start to slow down and reflect and reassess more in my life once fall is upon us. I indulge in all my favorite types of things this time of year: autumn candles, pumpkin spice everything and lots of witchy and Halloween books, music and movies. I tend to read more this time of year, and I feel connected to another time and place. It is a time that feels more inspired than other seasons. Fall is the time of year where we prepare for turning inward. Winter is a time for hibernation and reflecting, so by the time fall hits, I can feel my pace of my internal energy start to slow to prepare for the retreat that winter will bring. So, in Autumn I am assessing what I will need to let go in winter when we are asked to release that which no longer serves us.

Thus, Autumn is that reassessment period where we take stock of the many areas of our life to determine where our energy is being drained and where we need to eliminate stressors and relationships that no longer add value to our lives. I am drawn to nature more, and I start to notice the cues that nature is giving me. When I see leaves start to fall off the trees, I internally start to prepare for the release of things in my life that no longer bring me joy or add to my purpose. I think of it as a way of pruning myself, like we do with trees that need to be trimmed back so that they can grow and flourish later in the year. From August-October I am self-reflecting and identifying what I want and need to let go of in the near future. Then, throughout the rest of the Autumn months, I tend to start preparing myself for what I will then let go of November-March. Then, I have time to mourn what I will be saying goodbye to, and by winter I’m going thru the process of releasing it and shedding it, hopefully without too much anxiety or fear. Giving myself that time to prepare for what I am about to release gives me time to say goodbye and ready myself for my life without those relationships or routines. 

For the most part, I feel more free this time of year. Free to be myself, free to let my freak flag fly. Things that may be taboo the rest of the year are acceptable around Halloween. I can share more freely here and not worry too much about judgment from others. I feel calm, happy, peaceful, and soulful in Fall. I feel connected to something bigger. I can feel the expanded universe more freely, especially in October. This is probably a result of the veil being thinner and easier to access the other side. I feel very intuitive this time of year as well for that reason. And I take advantage of that accessibility to the other side. I do ancestor work, inner witch work, past life work and deeper healing work. I tend to do more tarot readings in October because I am so connected and have much healing work to focus on. Tarot is my main tool for self-healing, so I am using it daily.

And the more tarot readings I do, the happier I feel. I think this is because it feels as if I am returning to my authentic self and spending more time in that space and energy. I carve out a lot more “me” time in Autumn, too. I will curl up with a cup of hot cocoa or chai, cuddled up under a blanket and read a witchy book and pull cards by candlelight most nights. I journal more as well because it feels more channeled this time of year. I even notice that I tend to stare at the moon more often. I feel a real pull from the moon in September and October like it is a magnet. There is something so healing and comforting when I stare at a bright full moon out of my window. I notice the stars more and feel more connected to them, as if they are trying to shine down wisdom upon me from up above. I feel most like myself in September and October. It may sound weird, but this time period feels like home to me. People usually refer to that feeling of home as an association to a location or a feeling, but I feel it this time of year. In Autumn I connect more with runes, fortune telling decks, divination and pendulums and anything to do with magical energies or magical feeling vibes.

One of the books I have been reading this year is The Seasonal Soul: A Mystic’s Guide to Inner Transformation by Lauren Aletta. This book walks you through all 4 seasons and how at any time of our life we could be experiencing Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring. It doesn’t just correspond with the season that it is currently in your area of the world. Our lives will go through all of these seasons when we retreat for years into a winter to hibernate and let things die off and then start to have a new calling beckon us forward with new fresh ideas in our springtime, leading to action on these ideas in summer and then going through a slowing down period in an autumn. Each of these seasons can last months to years, and this cycle of the entire 4 seasons could be a decade long in some cases. But this cycle through the seasons is something we all share. I have really enjoyed working with this book, especially since I went through a really dark winter a few years ago in 2016 after my pancreatitis and the changing energies in the US. From reading this book, it was clear to me that I just stepped into a new summer phase when I launched this new podcast and started writing my fictional book series. My springtime probably lasted about a year or so when a flurry of new creative ideas came up for all kinds of new creative projects. And that is when I was called to scale back some of my services in my psychological practice to make more time and space for me to experiment with these creative ideas.

When Covid 19 hit the US and the quarantine struck, everyone experienced a massive slowing down in their lives. I experienced the opposite. That is when I sprang into action. I knew right away that since I couldn’t see clients in person that I would have time to finally write for long periods of time and make a great deal of progress on my book series, and I felt an intense urge to press record and start making podcast episodes so that I could launch this new podcast within a few months. All of my friends have been bored out of their minds and complain of sleeping too much during our 6 month quarantine so far. But I haven’t really gotten even one night of good sleep in that time period. See, in your summer phase you are jumping into action and pressing launch on all of the projects you have been working on for months during your spring phase. I knew that I was ready to spring into action, and this was the perfect opportunity for me to do so. Hopefully, I will be in the summer phase for a long time because there is a lot I want to accomplish and create and release out into the world before I circle back to that Autumn phase of life where things start to wind down again and when boredom starts to set in. I strongly recommend this Seasonal Soul book, if you are interested in how to identify the season of life you are currently in. I also get a lot out of the book about how to work with the different times of year as well. She covers rituals and crystals that go well with the different energies of the seasons. I use some of these suggestions seasonally now to connect to the rhythm of our natural world. It helps me feel more in sync with the universe. There is a wealth of information in this book. 

No matter which season it is, I always change out my decks seasonally. I have talked about this before on the podcast. But changing out my decks helps me to connect to the energy of the season, and it helps to keep me from getting bored with my decks. I look forward to the day when I change out my decks because the energy is fresh and exciting. Autumn is the season that I most look forward to, and it is the season that I have the most decks for. No surprise there. I am going to share with you the decks I use for Autumn and which are my favorites. I also do a seasonal spread at the beginning of each season to see what the energy of the season will be, what I need to focus on for the next 3-4 months, what lesson I will be learning over that time period and any changes that will be occurring at that time to give me a heads up for what is headed my way. I always use a mix of my seasonal oracle and tarot decks for this type of spread. The spreads are usually 15-20 cards because I may pull out 2-3 cards per position to be able to use as many decks as I can. It is usually the first spread I pull with the decks after I do my seasonal deck changes. So, I am always anxious to use them. I have several Autumn decks that I want to tell you about.

Earthly Souls and Spirits Oracle Deck

The oracle deck that is most linked to Autumn for me is the Earthly Souls and Spirits Oracle by Terri Foss. This deck has the best witchy vibes. Her cards are so powerful that I display the cards all over the house so I can connect to this energy the entire season. Each card is literally a piece of art. I have the large version of this deck, so it is hard for me to pull a full celtic cross with this deck due to space limits. But I have actually settled into a routine of pulling an earthly soul and spirit card as the first card of the spread to set the energy and tone of the reading. Each card holds so much energy for me that one is plenty for the opening message of the reading. Since I am really connected to the energy of this deck, I also manifest using these cards much of the time. I use them for this purpose year-round. If I need to focus, seek balance, or get some clarity I can find those cards and display them in my workspace to pull from that energy. If I am feeling more mystical, I can pull that card out or choose a card that has witchy/mystical vibes.

I was born in New Orleans so my favorite card from the deck is the Harmony card (shown above). The look and feel of the card reminds me so much of the French quarter. It reminds me of the voodoo storefronts in New Orleans. If you follow me on Instagram, you have seen this deck because I post from this deck quite a bit. It is very photogenic. So, this deck is the one I would classify as the most autumn energy of any deck I own.

Everyday Witch Tarot

My favorite witch themed tarot deck has to be the Everyday Witch Tarot. This was the first deck that felt like home when I unboxed it. It was immediate and love at first site and at first shuffle. This is my favorite deck to shuffle. It has really thin card stock. And I hear a lot of people complain about it, but to me it shuffles like a dream. I thought this deck was just a cutesy type of deck when I saw it online, but I got it around the first Autumn after I started reading tarot so I would have a witch themed deck. Little did I know how I would fall absolutely head over heels in love with this deck. And it reads so beautifully and very accurately. The readings are so clear. This was the first deck that I really deeply bonded with. It speaks to my inner witch. I used to work with this deck nonstop before the Light Seers Tarot took my focus. But every time I pick it up, I fall in love with it all over again. I used to read with it everyday and it was my go-to deck, but I had to make myself put it down when I got other decks in so I wouldn’t neglect them. The Light Seers tarot has been my go-to deck the past year now though. Thus, this deck has become one of my seasonal autumn decks now. I have to literally put it away, or I will continue to reach for it. I have to take that temptation away. When you have a growing collection of decks, this will become your main problem. If I didn’t rotate my decks, I would face a real struggle here. I can tell that the Bonestone and Earthflesh tarot deck is going to be my new go to deck when it arrives, and it might just take the Light Seers place for a time. 

To get back to the Everyday Witch, I wasn’t a fan of the card backs of the Everyday Witch at first because they are too cutesy with the hat, broom and black cat, but I have to say it has really grown on me lately. But don’t let the deck fool you, the readings are really on point with this deck. I have not once doubted a reading with this deck, and I have done hundreds of spreads with it. It was one of my first work horse decks that I used for readings back to back. Honestly, this deck was so overworked that it probably relished the break I gave it when I switched it to seasonal work. But I feel it is always ready to come out when September hits.

I talked about this deck in Episode 7 when I shared that my fictional divination series came about because I was so inspired by the High Priestess card in the Everyday Witch tarot that I created a character after that card, and my book series was born from that character. This is a deck I will always be deeply connected to for that reason, and I would never get rid of this deck. In fact, this is one deck I will probably get a second copy of one day because I love it so much and I use it so often.

I have to say that I love all the coven scenes in this deck, too. And it has one of my favorite tower cards because the image depicts the witch as bringing about the fall of the tower instead of the tower falling unexpectedly around her. I like that she is shown in a position of power and control and as manifesting her own reality. There is the same type of idea in the 8 of wands where she is directing a tornado and determining the course of those speedy wands in the air. In the Wheel of Fortune card, the witch has her hand on the wheel and controls when she spins the wheel. I just love the empowerment shown in this deck. One of my favorite eight of pentacles is in the deck which shows a young witch hard at work on potions in her witch shop. And it goes without saying that my favorite High Priestess card from any tarot deck is from the Everyday Witch Tarot. I daydream that I live in that card a lot. If I had any tarot card made into artwork to hang up, it would be a large print of that card. Whenever I am overwhelmed and want to escape from life, I envision that card and step into her tarot room with her crystal ball, runes and tarot cards.

Everyday Witch Oracle

I am so excited that they put out the Everyday Witch Oracle last fall. I love working with this deck as it is so sweet. The images are so positive and encouraging. And I love working with the combination of the Everyday Witch Tarot and Everyday Witch Oracle together for spreads. They have the same creator and author for both decks, so they work seamlessly together. And I am already used to working with oracle and tarot cards together for most of my readings, so it is a natural fit for me. This oracle has a lot of practical advice and suggestions for you to use from elemental magic to intention settings and meditations for many of the cards and elements. The cards are broken down into elements, and each element has 10 cards related to it. The book includes action items, divination messages and magical rituals suggested with each card. I get a lot of great ideas for practical magic with this deck. Themes of this deck include growth, transformation, acceptance, healing, elemental magic, and empowerment. It is a really positive deck. If you have a teenager interested in oracle or tarot, I suggest the combination of the Everyday Witch tarot and oracle for them as beginner decks.

Green Witch Tarot

I have the Green Witch Tarot, but I tend to reach for this deck early on in the season, if not in the summer months. Some years, I will pull this out for use around June and July. The vibes of this deck are just more summery to me. There are a lot of naturalistic scenes with lush vegetation, and where I live our autumns are more dreary and the grass is dead, so when I look at the greens and golds in that deck I associate those with summer months when the sun is shining here and the natural world is so alive with sounds of the crickets and cicadas at night. This deck has a very earthly, natural energy and tone to it. It feels very rural countryside to me. And it feels very dated in time, whereas the Everyday Witch has a younger and more modern vibe. The witches in the Green Witch Tarot are more naturalistic and live closer to the land. For me, it is a very woodsy, summery, farm life vibe. There are cards with people working in the dirt and close to the earth and depicting craftsmen working closely with their tools outdoors. I feel a pagan vibe from it. 

I will say that I LOVE that the Witch is the Magician card in the Green Witch Tarot. Love that card so much! It never fails that this card will come out on my first reading with this deck every year. Other favorite cards from this deck are the High Priestess, conducting a ritual outside under the full moon over her cauldron, the 9 of cups with the witch in front of a roaring fireplace and reading her crystal ball, and the sidhe, which is the temperance card in this deck. In this card she is brewing some sort of concoction in her workshop. She is the alchemist here with her bubbling brew and what appear like fairies hovering above her head as she works. The companion book to this deck is very unique and tends to have a different take on the cards than other decks, so if you have the deck the book is worth a read. Between the Everyday Witch Tarot and the Green Witch Tarot, I have to say that the Everyday Witch wins for me! But I do love having both since the energies are so very different. I love having a variety of decks for all occasions and moods.

Magickal Spell Cards

A deck that has a magical theme but could be used all year is the Magickal Spell Cards by Lucy Cavendish. These are great for all kinds of spellwork or manifestation or intention setting. I like the simplistic look of these cards, and the colors are muted but beautiful. There is something so calming about them. These cards are great for setting out on your altar and can add that special touch for any spell or ritual. I pull a card to set out as a point of focus or meditation often. And if my husband is traveling, I always pull out the Safe Travel card to focus on keeping him safe until he returns home. If nothing else, it is just a visual reminder for me to send out prayers and good vibes while he is gone. I’m a very visual person so I always have cards sitting out where I will see them several times a day to remind me what to focus on and work on manifesting. My mind is running nonstop every waking moment, so I need visual reminders of what I need to stay focused on. This deck has beautiful cards for harmony, health, deep sleep, abundance, wisdom, healing and trust.

Oracle of Shadows and Light

While we are talking about Lucy Cavendish decks let me switch to one of the most striking oracles I own – The Oracle of Shadows and Light. The artwork is by Jasmine Becket-Griffith. This deck is drop dead gorgeous. I am so captivated by the vivid characters that come to life in this deck. It is the perfect deck to usher in Halloween. And let me say the messages are scary accurate. I mean it is creepy when you pull a card, and then read the meaning of the card because it will be so specific to your current situation. And the book doesn’t skimp on the card meanings either. They are lengthy descriptions, and each card includes a detailed description about the character on the card, their message to you in their own voice and a divination message, if you asked a specific question. The cards depict angels, fairies, witches, ghosts, and other mythical creatures. The images are creepy but beautiful. And some might find this deck too dark, but I think it has a sweetness to it as well. Perfect for this time of year when we seek out darker images to explore darker themes.

Dark Mansion Tarot

One of my all-time favorite decks is the Dark Mansion Tarot. You all know by now how much I love this deck. The card backs of the Dark Mansion are in my artwork for this podcast. I have the large edition with the haunted mansion door themed back. This deck called out to me, and I had to have it. It was definitely a splurge deck. And I questioned whether I should spend this much on this deck, as it was nearly $90 but the call from this deck was so strong that I gave in and couldn’t be happier to have it in my collection. It will always be among the top 3 of my favorite decks. There is something special about this deck. I mean really special! When you hold it in your hands, it feels like it transports you to a different place and time and a totally different reality. It has a Tim Burton feel to it in the imagery and the feel of the cards is like butter. I love holding and shuffling this deck. And it is a handful to shuffle since it is an oversized deck, but I had to have it. So many of my favorite cards of all time come from this deck. I could stare at this deck for hours every day and never get sick of it. It has a gold glittery edging that is to die for, and those card backs are my favorite. There will never be another deck that has the lure that this deck does. It will always be the fanciest deck I own.

I have to use this deck for the whole month of October. There is no other tarot deck that I would read with at Halloween. It has to be this deck! The Devil card, The Tower card and that Death card. I mean they are stunning and so unique. This deck always gets the most likes on Instagram when I post. It seems that everyone is drawn to these dark but whimsical scenes. I think this is a great deck for shadowwork because it covers dark concepts really well, but it isn’t too confronting about it. The fantastical scenes are eerily comforting as well. So, it has a good balance to me. And some of the most soothing cards I have come from this deck, like the healing images for the Star and Temperance. I think this deck captures the innocence of the pages in a way that no other deck does as well.

All of the Aces in this deck are my favorite aces in any tarot deck, and the 9 of Swords card depicts the terror of the night better than any artist ever has. The beauty and strength of the Queens comes off magnificently. And Dracula as the Hanged Man - I mean come on that is genius. I also feel that this artist depicts the minor arcana cards better than any other deck creator. The scenes are so vivid and packed with detail, color and meaning. It is like walking onto a movie set in each card. There is so much to look at. One of the reasons I got the large edition, other than the card backs, was to have larger images so I could see more of the detail in each card. It really makes quite a difference. If a perfect tarot deck exists, it is the Dark Mansion Tarot, for me. It is hard for me to shuffle and manage, but it really does have it all. It evokes passion, creativity, intuition, inspiration, light and dark emotions and shadowwork with inner darker themes. And the images are so visually appealing. It is a feast for the eyes. True artwork!

So, it checks all the boxes for me, and it just speaks to me on so many levels. I do feel the urge to use this deck other times of year, but I usually try to reserve it for work in the late summer and fall because I want to keep it special and for me working with decks seasonally just keeps them exciting. I never want this deck to lose its specialness. So with all that said, The Dark Mansion Tarot is definitely the most Halloween themed deck I’ve ever seen with that Tim Burton fantastical artwork. I feel like I’m in some sort of weird circus or fun house.

Halloween Oracle

I could talk about this deck all day, but I must move on to the oracle that embodies Halloween and that of course is the Halloween Oracle by Stacey Demarco. This was the first Halloween related deck I bought, and it is a favorite of mine. I look forward to getting this out every year. I even made my daily 3 card readings in October part of my Halloween decorations. I reserve a spot in my witches’ corner for these cards to be displayed every day after I do my daily draw. I post images of some of those readings on Instagram in October if you want to see how it looks to use your divination as part of a living decorative area of your home. It is a fun way for to connect with my inner witch this time of year. The witch card in the Halloween oracle is worth getting alone. But some of my other favorites are the werewolf, spider, the veil, cauldron, vampire and the scrying card has to be my favorite of all. Oh and of course all the skull cards. Those are iconic cards from this deck.

The Halloween Oracle is a MUST have deck for Halloween hands down. You won’t regret this purchase. I make sure to start pulling cards in September and every day in October to get plenty of use from it prior to Halloween night. Nothing puts me in the mood for Halloween better than these cards. The book that accompanies it isn’t too detailed so that is a little disappointing, but to be honest the images are so striking that you get the message that is coming across. I would love for an expanded deck of this to be put out. It is only 36 cards, so it feels a bit light. There are so many cards I could see being added to it in the future, if Stacey was inspired to create more cards.

Raven's Prophecy Tarot

I trimmed the Raven’s Prophecy Tarot to use as an oracle because I liked the images of the deck, but they seemed off with the meanings, so I read this one as an intuitive oracle without a book. It looks great without those large oversized orange borders and titles. This was a deck mod I am very proud of, and the fire and skull images of this smaller version of the cards after the modification really pop.  

Magick and Mediums Oracle

And I saved my most magical deck for last. It is the Magick and Mediums Oracle. When I tell you this deck oozes magical energy, I am serious. I have never ever had a deck that has this much energy in it. My entire body is electrified when I pick this deck up. It is hard to truly explain the electric energy in this deck. All I can say is this deck feels like magic in your hands. Everything within my body wakes up and feels alive when I shuffle this deck. And the cardstock is a buttery linen material, so it spreads so smoothly into a fan. It is the only deck I fan the cards out and pick from by scanning my hand over the cards. It is that energetic! And the images are stunning with a color pallete of golds, rust colors, browns and black on the backdrop of a shimmering off white with a beautiful thin painted gold border around the images. I normally don’t like borders, but they are gorgeous and very thin. 

This is a very unique deck. It is filled with all kinds of magical themes from divination to banishing and protection rituals, to kitchen magic, astrology, elemental magic, mysticism, moon magic and crystal activation. This deck wakes up my intuition and inner witch more than any other deck I own. The book has a lot of information about magical rituals, cleansing techniques, crystals to work with, and it offers a blocked message, reversed meaning and divination message for each card with plenty of keywords for upright and reversed meanings. There is so much involved with this deck. It has a wealth of information to offer.

Spreads with this deck are so magical that it amazes me. I was so inspired by this deck that I created a custom spread for magical gifts. I will be sharing that spread with you in the next episode, which drops the week of Halloween. I wanted to save that one for the most magical week of the year. If I am feeling particularly witchy, then that means I have this deck out. There is no other oracle deck that compares to this one for me. This deck has the ability to awaken all types of emotions and energies within me that no other deck comes close to. So, I would classify this as my most magical deck and my most electric deck. If you do spell work, this is a deck that could really amplify your intentions. This deck was a little pricey at $58, but it was worth every penny to me. I believe I saw it on sale this month for $46, if you are interested. That is a great deal. You can find the deck on magickandmediums.com. 

And that concludes my favorite Autumn/Halloween decks that I work with every fall. I usually start with these decks in early September, and I will usually switch out my decks in mid-November when I feel winter start to arrive. If my Christmas tree is up, then I’m pulling out my winter waite haha.

I am sharing a custom 6 card Autumn spread I created to help us usher in Autumn. If you throw this spread for yourself, I would love to see the photo. Please tag my on instagram @healingthrutarot and use the Hashtag #healingthrutarotautumnspread.

Here is my throw of this spread this month for myself. I used a mix of autumn tarot and oracle decks for this spread. I used the following decks in this order: The Earthly Souls and Spirits Oracle, The Everyday Witch Tarot, The Halloween Oracle, Magick and Mediums Oracle and the Oracle of Shadows and Light.

And don’t forget I have an October tarot challenge on Instagram where I have provided 31 prompts for the month of October, and you can pull a tarot or oracle card each day. Please tag me in those card pulls, if you share them on Instagram. I’m @healingthrutarot and please use the hashtag #HTTOctoberTarotChallenge.

Happy Haunting!

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