13 Nov

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This blog post goes with Healing Thru Tarot Podcast Episode 40 of Healing Thru Tarot - Healing with the Dreamer Archetype + Review of The Dreamkeepers Tarot for Dream Interpretation

In this blog, I’ll discuss healing with the dreamer archetype and the dreamers within the tarot, how to make our dreams work for us, and how to use the Dreamkeepers Tarot to help with dream interpretation. I’ll also share a 9 card spread I created for healing with the dreamer archetype to help us invite our biggest dreams into our waking world. This is the 2nd episode in our dream work tarot series so make sure you listen to ep. 39 or read that blog where I introduce dream work and offer tips on remembering your dreams and gaining insight into the symbolism in your nightly dreams. So, let’s explore the Dreamer archetype, which will help us understand how to explore our own dreams.

The Dreamer Archetype can see what others can’t. They are visionaries, daydreamers, and imaginative geniuses. As daydreamers, they may appear disconnected, checked out, or in their own imaginative world. They have strong imaginations from a very early age and are amazing storytellers. At times, it seems like their ideas and storylines are limitless. Their vivid inner worlds can help them escape pain, boredom, and stress. It's a way to entertain, challenge, and comfort themselves as well as a form of escape. They are happiest when they are in the midst of divine inspiration. We are blessed when we are able to join their dream world through their creations through movies, music, and books. They inspire us by showing us a world that could be possible if we dreamed more often. 

Famous Dreamers include: Martin Luther King Jr. with his I have a dream speech, Abraham Lincoln with his dream for a better country, John Lennon with his song Imagine, and Edgar Caycee and Carl Jung, as mystic visionaries. I always think of the imagineers at Disney who dream up new ideas and bring them to life that dazzle the rest of us. For me, Walt Disney is the prime example a dreamer. He created a whole new world of magic and whimsy for all of us to explore endlessly and that world has brought so much light and joy to millions of people around the world.

For dreamers, it can be tempting to stay in their dream world and not interact in this world. And grounding can be quite hard for them. They live a good bit of time in the clouds. They may even have trouble distinguishing reality from fiction. I think of the zodiac sign Pisces with these traits – always lost in the clouds, dreaming up their next adventure.

Dreamers in the Tarot

Photo: The Page of Cups from The Light Seers Tarot

Let’s explore the dreamers of the tarot. I see all 4 court cards in the cups suit as dreamers. However, the Page of Cups is the most representative of this dreamer archetype for me. This page has their head in the clouds, always dreaming up a new adventure, a new creation, or a fresh idea to spark change in the world. I also see this page as the empath, so, as a dreamer who is an empath, they have the ability to inspire others and to create significant change in the world. We see a lot of these dreamers coming to the planet now with Gen Z and the generation below them, and the younger millennials fit this category as well. Many in these generations are laser-focused on their lightwork mission, which is to bring the world together, to fight for equality for all, to address climate change, create a better, loving, kinder world that works for all, and to heal each of us in the meantime. They inspire me daily!

The Knight of Cups is a poet, a lover, and a dreamer regarding romance. They can be hard to pin down in a monogamous relationship because they like to sow their oats and spread their love. The Queen of Cups has dreams of artistic and intuitive pursuits as well as a maternal, loving, nurturing nature.

Photo: The King of Cups from The Light Seers Tarot

And the King of Cups (shown above) leads with his heart and intuition. He dreams of providing love and care for all those around him and offers a listening ear to anyone in need of venting. He’s a sensitive soul who truly wants to spread more love and healing around the world. The entire cups suit has a dreamy feel to it. 

In the major arcana, I see The Fool as a dreamer of adventures and possibilities. He takes us through the tarot as we follow the Fool’s Journey from the Magician to the World card. The Fool leaps into new situations to see where they will lead, and he learns all of the lessons that the major arcana archetypes have to teach along the way. And we learn those lessons along with him on this epic journey of self discovery. Of course, like we talked about in the last episode, The Moon card is related to dreams due to the connection with our subconscious and the fact that we sleep at night time, and the 9 of Swords represents nightmares, night terrors, and insomnia. The Star can also represent hopes and dreams that you aspire to in your life, so we see dreams and visions for the future throughout the tarot. 

There are so many options open to you to make your dreams work for you. Give it a try and see if you start to notice a boost in healing, leveling up with your gifts, or understanding the messages coming through your dreams with more clarity. If we are going to spend 1/3 of our life asleep, we might as well get the most out of that chunk of time. I focus mostly on healing during my sleep, or asking for answers to questions I have but each person is different. Experiment with it and see what comes of it. 

The Dreamkeepers Tarot Deck Review

U.S. Games, Inc sent over The Dreamkeepers Tarot for me to review and share with you for this episode. The images in this deck are comprised of artwork created by Liz Huston spanning years of her own journey of healing and personal growth. She sees the tarot as a mirror reflecting back to us our deepest truths and revealing hidden desires and motivations lurking in our subconscious minds. The imagery in this deck helps bring those hidden truths to the surface for us to confront and process. This is great for shadow work, deep psychological work, trauma work, and dream work.

Because our dreams are comprised of insecurities, desires, wishes, and hidden fears, this deck is a great tool to explore those subconscious snapshots as we try to understand ourselves better. This type of dream work can help bring what’s bothering us out in the open so we can heal in our waking life and start to live an empowered and more authentic life. The format of the imagery includes a multimedia approach blending photography and a collage style to give us plenty to feast our eyes upon when we try to decipher the symbols present in our nightly dreams. Stare at the images on the cards and see where your eye lands. In divination, our attention is drawn to the area of the card where the biggest clue resides. Relax your mind and see what insights burst forth as you gaze upon these colorful, fantastical images. This type of artwork that combines collage and mixed media images lends itself well to dream interpretation and analysis as much of our dream state consists of a piecemeal narrative. If you recall many of your dreams, you’ve probably noticed that dreams can twist and turn and morph into another storyline or a new setting in the blink of an eye. Often there is no logical sense to this type of sequence. 

The images from the Dreamkeepers Tarot consist of figures with missing body parts, and bodies that are fragmented and sliced into pieces. There are disembodied heads, bodies with missing torsos, or figures with a moon in place of a head. Some figures have butterfly wings extending out from their upper backs, while others have animal parts for heads and tentacles for hands. These strange and fantastical images can help spark memories from dreams you’ve forgotten, or they can help unearth meanings of elusive symbols that have nagged at you since a vivid dream wormed its way into your mental space. In fact, the stranger the images, the better since we don’t interpret our dreams in literal terms. Our dreams often don’t make sense at first glance. It helps to turn off the logical mind for a bit so we can think outside the box and sort our way through the maze that our subconscious mind set up for us to weave through in pursuit of an answer or message. 

Even the colors in this deck are conducive to dream interpretation. Much of the deck is full of muted tans, deep blues and browns, along with greys, whites, and sparse striking reds. This makes up a beautiful, soothing palette that often portrays the dream world we visit nightly. Thank you to US Games Inc. for sending this one to review. It truly is a one of a kind deck!

For dreamwork, I’ll quickly mention a few other decks that I’ve reviewed in several other episodes. The Deviant Moon Tarot is a great deck for dreamwork with its focus on the moon and its connection to the subconscious mind as well as the Wisdom of the Oracle deck due to its dreamy, whimsical colors and images. And The Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle also has a dreamy, ethereal vibe to it – all three are great for exploring the dream world. 

Links for all the decks discussed in this blog are listed below at the end of the blog

Healing With The Dreamer Archetype Spread

I created a 9 card spread to help us explore our dream world and our visions for our future. If you throw this spread for yourself, I'd love to see the photo of your spreads. Please tag me on Instagram @healingthrutarot and please use the #httdreamerarchetypespread 

Books and Decks shown in this blog or recommended: The Deviant Moon Tarot, The Dreamkeepers TarotThe Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle, The Light Seers TarotWisdom of the OracleRider Waite Smith Tarot

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