02 Oct

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This blog goes along with Healing Thru Tarot podcast Ep. 37: Healing with the Mystic Archetype + Mystical Decks + Review of the Mystical Healing Reading Cards. In this blog we will take a look at the mystic archetype, and I will share my custom 9 card spread for healing with the mystic archetype. Also, I will share my picks for mystical tarot and oracle decks along with a review of the Mystical Healing Reading Cards sent over by Rockpool Publishing.

The Mystic Archetype 

So far in our archetype series, we’ve covered the witch archetype and the healer archetype. Well, the mystic archetype is much rarer. Mystics are expressions of the divine – they are one with the universe in every way. They are highly intuitive, divinely connected, enlightened, empowered, and wise, and they know things others don’t have access to. They are our bridge to the spirit world. Often, they give us answers we’ve been seeking to profound questions about our life path and purpose. Much of what they say resonates deeply with those in their life. I can attest to this. I have a soul sister that is the most amazing mystic, and her words resonate more deeply with me at the soul level than anyone else I’ve ever encountered. It’s so clear when you’re talking to a mystic. When they tap into a higher truth, it’s obvious. I experience it as full body chills, an inner knowing, or an energetic burst to my gut or heart chakra.

Some mystics I know personally are astral travelers and remote viewers. This helps them pop out of their earthly existence to see from a higher vantage point. This gives them objectivity and clarity. So, often they aren’t as worried as the rest of us are when things are getting tense here on the planet. It can be hard for mystics to stay grounded on Earth. They often spend much of their time on the other side of the veil or split between the two worlds. It’s tempting to escape this dense planet. It can be so stressful here that it’s alluring to cross the veil and take a break from the wars, drama, illness, pain, and heavy energy playing out here. I’m sure most of us want to escape at some point in our lives.

Like the High Priestess in the tarot, the mystic archetype is usually a loner. They spend a lot of time alone and often retreat inwardly. On the other hand, many gurus are mystics by nature and can amass a large following and might be best represented by The Hierophant in that scenario where they are teaching sacred knowledge sought out by the masses in an effort to find a sense of peace and enlightenment.

Many mystics can tap into the Akashic Record aka the book of life and see how things will eventually work out, and they are able to see how everything ties together so intricately. They are privy to the larger plan, while most of us struggle to see the path before us because we are in it. That’s why you are blessed if you have a mystic as a close friend. It's calming and reassuring just to be in their presence. 

I also suspect there are mystics in the fields of filmmaking and song writing. It appears that they channel specific messages and ideas that impart peace, love, inspiration, and understanding. I imagine that much of the Beatles music was channeled to bring peace to the world during a tumultuous time much like BTS does now. You can’t deny how healing that music feels when you hear it. Some are inventors and visionaries as well to help usher in advanced technology and scientific discoveries to help heal the world and to help advance our evolution and awakening.

It’s easy to see that writers channel ideas from the other side as well. Writing my own fictional divination series, The Divining Sisters, I’ve had this experience. Much of the information feels channeled, and my energy healer who is a true mystic says that she can tell I’m channeling from the Akashic Record including my own past lives, which makes this writing process a form of healing for me as well as a passion. Mystics are awake and can easily remember their other incarnations, especially the lives that are the most significant to this incarnation. They can read their own Akashic Record and see how things connect for them and everyone else. They often don’t fear death like so many others. This is because they know that we never really die. Energy doesn’t die, it just changes form. So, they know there is nothing to fear. It’s so fun to be around a mystic. I’m in awe when they go into a channel or read from the Akashic Records. I love to just soak up all the wisdom that flows through them. 

The mystic archetype is led by divine guidance, their intuition, and a higher purpose/calling. Many mystics are spiritual, not religious, and are closely connected to the universe. Many work with angels, guides, arch angels or deities – others do not. They often deliver messages from the spiritual realm to others that may be in need of advice or guidance. If the mystic uses their gifts in their line of work, you can find them giving intuitive readings, tarot readings, energy healing, chakra balancing, mediumship, psychic readings, or teaching some spiritual knowledge or gifts to others.

You can find them sitting outside gazing up at the stars, dreaming of far off places that they’ve traveled before, hiking to the top of the mountain for a bird’s eye view of nature’s most beautiful landscapes, reading the akashic records to learn about how we are all connected from life to life, engaging in rituals and sacred ceremonies under the new or full moon, or communing with spirits that the rest of us can’t see. They see and experience the divine in everything. They are truly magical and mystical. Whatever they do, they will be extremely impactful. They’re natural teachers and communicators. I see them as a true gift to the world! To interact with a mystic is a transformational experience. 

My spiritual awakening was kicked off at the very moment that I met my energy healer, Stephanie. She opened up doors for me I never would have considered - just by stepping into my house for an energy healing session that day. It was the most magical moment I’ve ever experienced. I knew immediately that I knew her from somewhere. I wasn’t sold on reincarnation until I met her. I was starting to look into it after reading Many Lives, Many Masters 6 months prior to meeting her and now I realize it was to prepare me for meeting her so that when we met that I would know the connection I felt was real. We clicked immediately, and she’s like a sister to me now. We speak almost daily, and she has continued to open me up to so many wonderful concepts and practices. 

She literally changed my entire life. And had I not had pancreatitis a few years prior I wouldn’t have sought out energy healing as a form of healing. So, it was all tied together. Our chance meeting came at a time when I was searching for a way to heal myself after the doctors released me from medical care and wished me well because they had done all they could do. Just days after meeting Stephanie, I first discovered tarot on YouTube. She hadn’t mentioned tarot or divination at all during our first healing session, but she didn’t have to. On the soul level our meeting unlocked my new path. 

She’s also my creative muse. The fictional divination series I’m writing, The Divining Sisters Series, has many elements of our meeting and the past lives we’ve uncovered that we’ve shared together. I’ve always known I would write books and meeting her unlocked that gift again. One 2-hour meeting with this beautiful soul changed the entire course of my life. So, if you have a mystic in your life, you are truly blessed! You can find her on her website thewokewanderer.com in case you want to book an energy healing session or past life reading with her. She’s amazing and can help you heal in so many ways, and she works remotely so she can work with you from anywhere in the world. She’s been a God send to me.

Famous Mystics include Madame Blavatsky, Rumi, Saint Teresa of Avila, Carl Jung, and Buddha. I didn’t see Jesus on this list but I count Jesus as a mystic. He is technically listed as the Hero archetype which also makes sense given his martyrdom, but his mystical abilities shouldn’t be overlooked when we are covering this archetype. 

Before moving on to how to heal with this archetype, let’s briefly discuss the shadow of this archetype. Each archetype has a light and shadow version. The shadow element of the mystic archetype is the fake psychic or fortune teller who lies about their skills or uses their psychic powers to cheat people out of their money. This is so unfortunate because it gives true mystics and psychics a bad reputation. Some can even amass a following and it can morph into a cult, again tarnishing the reputation of true sacred teachers. I hope people learn to discern the difference between a true mystic and the scammers because there are some truly gifted mystics that can offer true healing that is life changing. 

When we look at how we can heal by working with the mystic archetype, we can learn from their views on life. They often devote time daily to sitting in silence, either in prayer or meditation, to quiet the noise of the world and tune inward to their wise inner sage. Just like The High Priestess in the tarot, she knows that the wisest counsel and guidance comes from within. But many of us surround ourselves with external stimulation like the tv, music, news, etc.

To them, silence is sacred. It allows them to hear the whispers of their soul, and this guidance is more precious than gold to them. Mystics are often in nature a good deal of time because they understand how healing this practice can be. Chanting around a bonfire under the moon or walking along the beach at night are deep healing practices they engage in regularly to cleanse their energy and recharge their mind, body, and spirit. Dancing and singing raises our vibrations, so they engage in these joyful activities routinely to maintain their high vibration, which is needed to pierce the veil. 

They invite the divine into everything they do. We could take a page out of their book and look for ways to add in more rituals, sacred ceremonies, and divine connection. You can couple a quick ritual with your daily card draws if you want. Just carve out time for yourself to go inward and to connect with your higher self. Clearing your mind allows your higher self to reach you and deliver any messages you need to hear at that time. It’s so important to commune with our soul regularly. Feeling aligned with our higher selves brings a sense of peace, stability, and purpose that can’t be matched in any other way. 

Healing with the mystic archetype entails learning to trust yourself and tuning into your inner voice. If you can’t hear your inner voice, you’ll need to retreat into solitude to quiet the mind, eliminate noisy external stimuli, and tune into your inner voice that can offer you wise sage advice. Meditation is one of the easiest ways to do this. I find tarot helpful as well. Tarot readings are my form of meditation.

Some people struggle to trust themselves or their gut instinct because they have been disappointed in their judgment in the past, which caused them to question their ability to make decisions. I see this a lot in individuals who have a long history of failed relationships. Their inability to pick a healthy partner or to identify red flags early on caused them to lose confidence in their inner wisdom or gut instinct. 

I’ve also seen this in athletes who have failed to rise to the occasion in high pressure competitions like tournaments, world championships, or the Olympics. When their mind or body let them down when it counted the most, their confidence in themselves plummets and often that is a demon that can’t be conquered. They start to question everything about their skill, their training, and their ability to perform. Luckily, some top athletes have been able to overcome those setbacks through the help of sports psychologists skilled in the ability to boost their confidence by building up that self trust again. Once they can trust their gut instinct again and trust that they won’t fail themselves once more, they can rise back to the top of their field.

Shadow work can help here by working through any past traumas or disappointments or even past life fears or trauma that have continued to undermine their self-confidence. Working with the mystic archetype can help reconnect you with your inner voice, your gut instinct, third eye, higher self, and inner wise sage. This requires a lot of inner work in solitude while turning inward to listen to the wise inner counsel. To get started, quiet the mind and listen to the whispers of your soul -that’s your inner guide. We often don’t hear this quiet inner guidance due to the noisy, busy world we live in. We have to work at getting quiet these days, but it’s worth it. 

The High Priestess is the mystic of the tarot along with the Queen of Cups. Both are associated with the water element. Work with these two tarot cards to connect with your inner mystic. They have a lot to teach you about trusting your own guidance and tuning into universal flow to access sacred knowledge that can guide you through your spiritual journey. 

Steps to boost intuition  

There’s several ways you can tap into the mystic’s energy and boost your intuition, if you have been struggling so far. 

Work on cleansing your energetic field. In order to do this, you may need to rebalance your chakras. If you feel you have several blocked chakras, I suggest you complete the chakra challenge I hosted in April 2022. I created 30 prompts all related to the main chakras, and this can help you identify blocked chakras and help to point you in the right direction for restoring balance to each of those chakras. This is very vital to your intuitive work, and this is the first place I would suggest you start. For example, if you need to heal your heart chakra, you will need to work on healing past emotional wounds and work on forgiveness. Ep. 22 covers the chakra system in great detail and offers ways to balance each chakra. Here's the chakra challenge prompts I’ve used before if you want to dive deep into a chakra assessment.

Detox your energy by cleaning up your diet. Eliminate sugar, inflammatory foods, junk food, processed food, and for some, they find they need to cut out alcohol to be a clearer channel. Find what works for you and see how you feel at your best.

Eliminate negative news sources and toxic social media apps and block out any distressing media or stimuli that depletes your energy field or messes with your emotional state. This has more of an effect on us than we realize. We constantly absorb the energy around us. Start to notice how you feel when tuned in to certain programs, music, or media personalities.

Listen to binaural beats, tuning forks, and singing bowls to boost intuition – to find these just search on youtube and choose a video that boosts intuition, helps you detox your energy, raise your vibration, and helps you release emotional wounds/trauma. There are a ton of these videos on youtube. It helps with meditation as well.

If you are feeling bogged down or stagnant, you may discover that you need to release old cycles that are holding you back. By releasing this old energy, you will have more energy to embrace activities and tasks that are aligned with your passion to help raise your vibration. This change in vibration will boost your intuition and make your guides' messages clearer to understand.

Lean into the creative arts as that naturally boosts your vibration.

Take crystal baths to cleanse energy. Use crystals that are not water soluble like clear quartz, ameytyst, citrine, carnelian. Do not get selenite wet - it will dissolve if submerged in water.

Start to work with a pendulum to help develop intuition. Once you learn how to use a pendulum, you can work with it daily to ask your guides questions. You will get a yes, no, or maybe response. Your intuition is like a muscle. The more you work it, the stronger it gets. Use it to clear energy too 

Build in time in your schedule to meditate 5 to 10 minutes a day. You can start with just a few minutes and increase your sessions. To help get into the routine of meditating, choose a mantra to chant or a sound to hum to help cut down on scattered thoughts distracting you from messages flowing through. If you see images during your meditation sessions, draw what you see afterwards and keep track of your visions or images. This could help you record the messages coming through and could help you tune into the specifics of the message more clearly.

Automatic writing is a way to bypass the logical mind and tap into your intuitive side quickly. Write with your non-dominant hand and let your mind settle. Don’t try to direct what you are writing. Just let it flow in like a stream of consciousness. Then afterward see if what you wrote offers you any insight into any questions you may have. I do this with typing with my eyes closed, and it flows just as easily for me that way than it does when writing.

Start a dream journal and record dreams or symbols and messages that are coming through as you sleep. I’ve got a dream episode coming up in the next few weeks so stay tuned for that.

Work with the Soul Cards by Deborah Koff-Chapin, which only show faces and images and no keywords. Draw a card for the day and focus on it and journal what you see, think, or feel in relation to the card. This will help develop your intuitive hits as there is no guidebook or given meanings for the cards. These cards require you to lean solely on what comes up from the subconscious mind or through a channeled message. It’s a way to exercise your intuitive muscles. Purchase soul cards here

And practice with an oracle deck you gravitate toward and don’t read the guidebook first – see what comes through when you pull cards or spreads.

Treat your intuition like a muscle. It strengthens the more you work at it. Test yourself.

Review of The Mystical Healing Reading Cards

Rockpool Publishing sent over The Mystical Healing Reading Cards by Inna Segal for me to work with and review. I already had the Heal Yourself Reading Cards and love them for shadow work and healing. This is a sister deck to that wonderful oracle. I just reviewed the Heal Yourself Reading cards in Ep 36 with the healer archetype so check that out. 

The Mystical Healing Reading Cards offer profound higher wisdom from the upper realms. These mystical and intuitive cards tap into esoteric themes like the meaning of life, our soul’s purpose, karma, and higher truths. Each card offers you an interpretation of the card as well as advice with several action steps and suggestions to help you on your healing journey. I love how Inna approaches her decks especially with the guidebook. Offering healing exercises and action steps helps the reader to clearly understand the inner work necessary and this gives them ideas and options on how to approach that inner work. Those that aren’t in therapy may not have experience with some of these exercises and techniques, so I find it so helpful when assigning homework for my reading clients who want to put in the work necessary to evolve on their healing journey. Well done! This is how you can create and oracle deck that shines.  

These cards are illustrated by Jack Baddeley and are so beautiful with so many tiny details hidden in each image. These cards are also great to use in meditation since there are esoteric symbols and themes peppered throughout the images that help to unlock hidden knowledge that can help with problem solving and understanding the life lessons we are currently learning. These mystical cards ask you to dig deeper into your divinatory practice with cards like access clear thinking, awaken your vulnerability, contemplate death and beyond, explore your ancestry, learn from karma, ennoble your soul, step into the unknown, and focus on higher truths.  

If you are ready to take the next step in your healing journey and want to tap into your soul’s wise counsel, the mystical healing reading cards can deepen your transformational journey in a powerful way. Thank you to Rockpool Publishing for sending this deck my way. It was a perfect addition to this mystic archetype lesson. 

Mystical Shaman Oracle

In the last podcast episode, I included the Mystical Shaman Oracle in my list of decks you could use to tap into healing with the healer archetype because shamans have been a symbol for healers since the beginning of time. I’m also including the Mystical Shaman Oracle in my list of decks for working and healing with the mystic archetype. This deck by Colette Baron-Reid, Marcela Lobos, and by Alberto Villoldo spans both themes perfectly with mystical themed cards such as the seer, the sorcerer, the ancient ones, wild woman, magic, the upper world, the lower world, the crow, the council, and the vision quest. 

These cards show the mystical gifts that shamans possess in accessing the other realms to seek answers to aid us in healing, revealing the path before us, communing with nature, honoring our roots, and unlocking our inner eye. There is a great deal of symbolism in this deck, so study each of the cards for hidden meanings and personal revelations triggered by the images and insights that rise from the depths of your subconscious. This is the type of deck that allows all of us to tap into our inner mystic. These beautiful images are very evocative and can spark a flood of insights and ideas just by studying the image. 

When you pull a card, study the images first and jot down any insights, images, or thoughts that arise before turning to the meanings in the book. This will help you develop your intuitive gifts. These sacred symbols still have a wealth of wisdom to share with us in this modern world. This wisdom will always be relevant to our soul journeys. Understanding the lessons from the past will help us heal in the present and help us make conscious, healthy choices that will influence our future. Mystics look for answers and wisdom in the realms unseen by many. This sacred knowledge is there for us – we just need to take the steps to exercise our intuitive gifts before we can access this sage wisdom. Look past the visible into the unseen. That’s where the magic lies. If you relate to the mystic archetype, this is the perfect healing deck to work with. 

Magick and Mediums Oracle

The Magick and Mediums Oracle is one of my favorite oracles and it has a magical energy to it that feels incredibly mystical to me. I don’t know if the creator’s infused this deck with a particular kind of energy, but every time I work with these cards the deck comes alive. This is the only deck I have that has this electric type of energy that shoots off the cards. It’s quite amazing. Whenever I work with this deck I instantly tap into the energy of the mystic and the readings from this deck are so clear and spot on. There is a very mystical energy here with cards like mysticism, guide, mediumship, divination, intuition, ascension, higher self, portal, and there is an intelligence card for remote viewing and a knowledge card that represents the akashic record. This gorgeous deck is a gem, and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a deck that helps you tap into the mystic archetype. 

The Light Seers Tarot

My most mystical tarot deck would be the Light Seer’s Tarot. These card images have so many hidden symbols that adds layer after layer to my tarot readings. I see new things in these images each time I throw a spread, which is so helpful because when reading either for myself or others my eye will drift to a symbol that gives me a clue to the specific message in that reading. It’s amazing how tarot works in that way. This is why I have so many different decks. The more symbols you have to work with, the easier it is to get detailed messages rather than vague ones. Chris Anne has placed runes, sacred geometry, zodiac symbols, and astrological and planetary symbols throughout the deck in cards like the Fool, the Hanged man, the World, the High Priestess, the Magician, the Wheel, The Hierophant, and the Ace of Swords. If you have this deck, pull out these cards and take a look at all these symbols. 

I particularly love the image of The Hanged Man where the woman is suspended upside down over water and her hand is reaching out to the new symbols and runes floating below within her grasp. This represents sacred knowledge that she has recently gained by switching her perspective. 

We see a similar scenario in the Ace of Swords where there’s a staircase in place of a woman’s mind, and in the center of the staircase there’s a divine light bursting forth to represent a new idea or new perspective. As you ascend the staircase, you see mathematical equations, sacred geometry, astrological symbols, etc. All of this is now accessible for you through this shift in perspective. 

In the Magician card, symbols float on the currents of energy bursting out of his hands. This energetic stream swirls in front of him as he creates and manifests. He’s one with universal flow and is directing it to his will. So much to take in with these images. That’s why I love it so much! 

Healing With The Mystic Archetype Spread

I will now share with you the 9 card custom spread I created called Healing with The Mystic Archetype. If you throw this spread for yourself, I'd love to see the photo of your spreads. Please tag me on Instagram @healingthrutarot and please use the hashtag #healingthrutarotmysticarchetypespread 

If you want to find out which archetype you are, take the archetype quiz here

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The Call of the Cards Book Blurb

Alexandra Steele, a clinical psychologist, stumbles upon a mystical store in downtown, Memphis, TN, where she encounters tarot cards for the first time. She doesn't realize it at the time, but this simple encounter will leave her life forever changed as she uncovers a world of past life connections to the cards and the craft of divination. This sparks an awakening that opens door after door of a long line of mystic and witch incarnations that run throughout her history. As she reconnects to these deep mystical ties, she begins to learn about her destiny, which is revealed as she starts to encounter coven sisters and foes from previous incarnations. Will her tendency to hide in the shadows and play small continue to hold her back or will the call of the cards lure her onto her destined path of a life full of magic and sisterhood?

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Books and Decks shown in this blog or recommended: Heal Yourself Reading CardsThe Light Seers Tarot Magick and Mediums Oracle, Mystical Healing Reading Cards, Mystical Shaman Oracle, Sacred Creators Oracle, Soul Cards Vol. 1, Soul Cards Vol. 2

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