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This blog goes with episode 43 of Healing Thru Tarot. In this blog, we’ll talk about reading with the tarot on health and wellness topics and which decks are great for those types of readings. I’ll also review the Healing Tarot and The Sufi Tarot, which I use for my own health readings. And I’ll share a custom spread for checking in with your body to assess your overall health and the root cause of any current ailments you suffer from. 

Over the past few decades, I’ve noticed how many people around the world have been flocking to healing professions, especially women. I think many of these healers are coming back home to themselves after suffering from a severe witch wound where they were persecuted for being a witch or healer in past lives. But now, many of us are tapping back into that healer archetype and using our healing gifts proudly. This is one of the reasons I look to tarot as a healing tool, not just for emotional or spiritual healing, but also physical healing because I’m tapping back into past gifts related to both divination and healing. Much of the work I do now blends psychology and tarot to promote healing. So, we’re going to look at health, tarot, and how we may be blending intuitive practices in the future when addressing our health. 

Only in recent modern times, have women been given the opportunity to attend medical school, nursing school, or graduate programs to become licensed healers. This was almost unheard of before 1900. Now, we’re seeing a surge in women physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, surgeons, psychiatrists, and psychologists. Of course, back in the day, women did much of the healing behind closed doors out of fear of persecution, but it still occurred. Women are natural healers, so I imagine this has been going on since the beginning of time. 

The way we view healers, healing, and the role of medicine has been changing for the past few hundred years. We all probably remember stories of the doctors in the 1700s and 1800s who made house calls to visit all who were sick in the small communities where they lived. They knew their patients intimately and often interacted with them regularly in their community and followed them over the course of their lives. That kind of treatment is so rare these days. Presently, we sit in crowded waiting rooms – sometimes for hours before seeing the doctor for a short visit – usually lasting no more than 10-15 minutes. We have a whole team of doctors that see us for many different specialties, so our healthcare can seem disjointed and quite impersonal these days. This is due to a business model rather than a healing model. Of course, this is based on the healthcare model in the United States where I’m located. I’m sure other countries have different models of healthcare, some of which are far better than we have here. Some may be worse. 

A business model for healthcare has many drawbacks because it primarily puts monetary gains over human lives or wellness, and it can leave patients feeling neglected and unheard much of the time. And these days it seems doctors are overworked and, in a hurry, so they seem eager to prescribe medications for all ailments rather than spend the time to educate their patients of the benefits of better nutrition, exercise, and self-care practices that can drastically improve mood, sleep, energy, and overall health. Some healers are sounding the alarms about this and vowing to change how they interact with their patients and are attempting to find ways to incorporate more education about diet and nutrition, but I find that it’s a rare thing. 

The key I think is to work on balancing the mind, body, spirit connection. When one area is weakened, we may experience changes in the other areas. That’s why balance is so important. So, our anxious or depressed thoughts can cause distress and manifest as physical symptoms that often are hard to trace back to the root cause because we tend as a society to diagnose based on symptoms alone. But many things can create those symptoms, so we may end up treating the wrong condition and then we may never feel better because we aren’t really addressing the actual cause. The problem could also begin as pain and due to living in chronic pain you end up depressed or anxious and then you could be sent to a psychologist to treat your mood. But they may not ever trace it back to the origin of the condition that created the pain if they don’t ask the right questions. This is why I try my best to follow a holistic approach to healing. I want to consider my whole being when assessing how I feel and how to bring myself back into balance. So, I look at the mind, body, spirit connection when looking for the root cause and when determining how to treat the symptom I’m experiencing. 

I do value modern westernized medicine, so when determining how to approach the issue at hand, I prefer a mixture of modern medicine with a balanced diet, nutrition, and energy work to keep myself balanced on all fronts. When prescription medication can offer improved quality of life, I use that option, but sometimes that hasn’t been the right fit for me. I’ve been in situations where medication was pushed upon me for things like depression and anxiety, especially as a teenager and young adult. None of these medications worked to manage my mood, so I refused after that. But everyone’s different. Some people thrive when taking meds to manage their mood symptoms. That’s why I think we have to consider the person and their circumstances. It has to be on a case by case basis. There is no one size fits all approach here.

For me, reiki, tarot and learning energetic shielding helped the most with my anxiety. Those worked better because it turned out that the anxiety and depression, I was feeling wasn’t my own. Learning that I’m an empath, helped me to realize that the meds couldn’t work if it wasn’t generating from me anyway. My energy healer picked up on this right away, but I really took notice of it during the pandemic. In isolation, I only had contact with my husband who has no anxiety or depression and my anxiety level dropped 95% and stayed almost at zero for a sustained period of a few years. It was all because I wasn’t close to anyone else’s energy to absorb it. I felt great and actually thrived energetically and creatively for the first time in my life. 

There were still moments when the collective anxiety and angst would seep in during big global events or periods of unrest around the world, but it was noticeably different. Being an empath, you will still feel the collective energy when you aren’t in the room physically with the collective, BUT shielding has really helped me. I might not have understood why if I hadn’t learned tarot and started to study crystals, reiki, and chakra systems. That knowledge helped me to understand where my emotional stress was coming from so I can target it from a different perspective now. So, in my case, medication was never going to make a dent on the anxiety that I was absorbing. I had to figure out the root case first, then make necessary lifestyle adjustments. 

I wish I had known this about myself years ago because I burned out quickly in my psychological private practice. I was automatically absorbing everyone’s pain, trauma, anguish, fear, and rage. On one level, I wasn’t aware I was absorbing it all, but on a conscious level I did approach therapy with the mindset that my role was to heal everyone’s pain. And I paid dearly for that mistake. I was an empath without any understanding of energetic boundaries or shielding at the time, so I took it all in. 

I finally realized during my spiritual awakening that I can’t heal anyone other than myself. We have to each take ownership of that role. It’s hard but we must be the ones to take those steps. We give our power away in so many situations, but emotional healing is an area where we can’t pass the buck on to someone else. And all that time in private practice I had the mentality of needing to take my client’s pain away. Through my spiritual awakening, I reframed how I see my purpose in this life. I see myself more of a teacher and motivator now in the area of healing. I can teach others how to heal themselves, I can model healing practices, and even facilitate the healing process, but now I see there’s way more empowerment when people take an active role in their own healing. 

That doesn’t mean you have to heal alone.  We can still work together to heal as a community, but we each need to do the work personally to address what needs to be processed and healed. Then as a collective, we can support each other and celebrate our successes together. Having a mentor, counselor, physician, or buddy can be key in this process. The key to remember is that there are no shortcuts in healing. It’s a lot of work, but it is worth it in the end. Learn the techniques, take the steps, and do the work of reflection, self-discovery, and shadow work, then implement the insights gained from this work into your daily life. 

I truly believe that we are moving toward a new era of healthcare. I believe that we will start to see the integration of medical intuitives in medical practices, probably starting in the next ten years. It will be gradual at first, so we won’t see it take off for maybe several more decades after that, but I do think it will start to happen sparingly in the next several years. 

I envision the physician and medical intuitive working side by side in the same examine room with the physician taking a medical history and asking medical questions to assess for symptoms while the medical intuitive assesses the energy and chakra system of the patient. Then the intuitive would give their impressions to the physician to help narrow the focus down for diagnostic purposes. Medical intuitives can help to zero in on a handful of possibilities that the doctor can then run tests for. Generally, a physician has to consider hundreds of conditions that could be at play and diagnosis can take years in some cases because the list of ailments can be so voluminous, but with the help of intuitives narrowing down the conditions to screen for would save money and time for the patient and physician and could help reach a treatment course much faster, getting the patient feeling better in a shorter period of time. 

I kind of have a work around for that now. My energy healer notifies me when my levels appear off to her, and I get blood drawn to verify. So, if she detects my thyroid or vit d levels falling off then I request bloodwork or I pay for it on my own through home labwork services, and so far, she’s been right every single time. Then with the evidence from the bloodwork, my physician adjusts my medications. Imagine if all that was streamlined in the medical practices around the world. It would be a game changer. 

Quick and Easy Daily Healing Ritual

Even though that may be years away, for now start to implement healing techniques and self-care into your life where you can, to help restore balance to your body. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Healing rituals can include something as simple as making an herbal tea and setting intentions. I’ve adopted a habit of infusing my nightly herbal tea with healing intentions and energy. This is a type of charging. I place my hands around the warm mug and channel positive healing thoughts and intentions into the tea for about a minute and then when drinking the tea, I focus on ingesting the tea infused with the healing energy I charged it with. If you do this, you are devoting a few minutes at that moment to healing yourself. 

The focus is all on you and improving your mind, body, and spirit. This mindfulness exercise helps you focus only on the moment at hand. Don’t think about the past or the future. Stay in that moment and set your intentions for good health. This sends the message to your body that it’s important – that you are important.

Magic Mind

You can do this with any beverage whether it be tea, coffee, or any other drink. Here, lately I’ve replaced my coffee with a magical elixir called magic mind that consists of all natural ingredients that helps me stay productive and focused and it reduces my stress through nootropics and adaptogens, which I love. It’s great because there’s no jitters and it’s a lot easier on my stomach than coffee. So, I use this now as my healing ritual before I start work. As I sip on it, I imagine it giving me 6-7 hours of sustained energy to help me tackle my biggest to do items for the day like writing on my novels and podcasting. This 2 ounce elixir delivers every time. No more brain fog and my creativity soars. If you’d like to try this elixir for your own healing ritual go to  - https://www.magicmind.co/htt You can use my Code at checkout: HTT20 (all caps) to get 40% off your first subscription or 20% off your first one-time purchase. They also have a money back guarantee.

So try to implement one or two of these healing rituals into your day. I do one with magic mind before I start work and my healing herbal tea before bed to wind down at night. Make yourself a priority for these few precious moments each day, and you will see and feel the difference. You can do this at the beginning of your day or the end of the day or even both, if you desire.

Health Tarot Cards

Let’s talk about recognizing health and mental health issues in the tarot. You’ve probably noticed that most tarot readers won’t read on health. No one wants to be responsible for any decisions you make based on the information that comes through in a reading because your health is so important, and you don’t want to make significant decisions based on something like divination. That’s why I always include a disclaimer in the shownotes on each podcast episode saying that information in this podcast is not a substitute for consulting a mental health care professional. BUT you can always read on your health and wellness yourself to get information about what’s going on with your body or where you have an imbalance. I got into tarot to be able to check in on my health and track my progress. 

When I think of tarot cards that represent healing or the need for healing, I think of the 4 of Swords that suggests we need to take a break to rest and recuperate, the 10 of Wands (shown above) that denotes burnout, depleted energy, and fatigue and 9 of Wands that can represent injury and even battle fatigue or Post-traumatic stress disorder,and trauma. 

Cards that warn of sickness could be Judgement for a wakeup call, 5 of Pentacles for illness and the message here is to ask for help, the Tower for a sudden, unexpected emergency, and the 3 of Swords, especially where the heart is concerned. A reversed 4 of Swords spells illness for me too. 

The 9 of Swords, for me, usually means migraines, insomnia, or anxiety (shown above). And the 5 of Swords also represents migraines and headaches. 

If asking about health and the Hierophant comes up, this could be advice to seek medical help, especially if it’s in combination with the Judgment card or 5 of Pentacles. These card combos could mean a medical wakeup call and could mean hospitalization. The Hierophant can represent hospitals, medical schools, and medical experts. And the Ace of Swords can represent surgery, cutting, and vaccines or shots. 

The Hermit is ruled by Virgo and can represent issues with health. The Hermit can also represent depression or loneliness. One card I pull a lot is the reversed 6 of Pentacles, which usually tells me that I need more self-care. I’m usually giving too much to others and neglecting myself when this pops up. 2 of Pentacles also comes up for life work balance. If you’re burned out, you’ll see this pop up a lot. The reversed Strength card can represent a weakness of some sort either in energy, like fatigue or lack of stamina. The reversed Sun can also mean a lack of energy or vitality, or a low vitamin d level. 

And lastly, The Chariot can represent health and fitness and can often come up when your health is going in a positive direction or when you start a new workout routine. So, those are my personal health associations with the tarot cards that I’ve learned or established for myself over the years. As you work with the cards, you may make your own associations based on your unique health conditions. Journal and log your daily tarot pulls to start to notice patterns in the messages you’re receiving. 

The Healing Tarot Review

The Healing Tarot: 78 Ways to Wellness taps into the wisdom and lessons of the tarot to show us how to heal. And let me tell you, this is the deck I’ve been looking for. This deck presents the tarot as a tool for holistic healing of the whole person by balancing the mind, body, spirit, and emotions. That aligns perfectly with my vision of the tarot as well and why I got into reading tarot in the first place. I told you earlier that I learned tarot to read about my health. I was healing from pancreatitis at the time, and I was so worried it would come back. I just felt like I needed a way to constantly check in on my body and see how my healing was progressing. So, I have searched for years for a tarot deck that frames the cards in a health perspective. I can’t believe I never found this deck in all my searches, but the universe always provides. 

The creator of the Healing Tarot, Juno Lucina, replied to one of my tweets about a healing deck episode I had done, and she asked if I would be reviewing this deck. I had never heard of it, but luckily, she got Red Feather to send it over and I’m in love! This is the deck I needed all along! 

In the Healing Tarot guidebook, Juno explains that she pulls from medical astrology and applies that to the tarot. She says that medical astrology relates the planets and zodiac signs to parts of the body, diseases, and healing practices. And the nature of each planet and sign are applied to the associations as well; such as whether they are warming, cooling, drying, nurturing, erupting, etc. So, each planet and sign rules symptoms consistent with the planet or sign’s energy expression. This also comes into play when determining if a card is well placed or poorly placed in a reading, which she says is vital to understanding how to interpret it. This is determined based on the cards surrounding it. So, you have to determine if a neighboring card represents a planet or sign that creates a favorable astrological combination with the card you are interpreting. If it is favorable and the other surrounding cards are mostly positive, and the elements within the cards are in alignment then that card is well placed. 

A card is poorly placed when it’s surrounded by a majority of negative cards, neighbors a card of a planet or sign that creates an unfavorable combination or surrounded by cards where the elements oppose one another. And don’t worry she gives examples. For instance, she gives these examples for positive astrological combinations Sun with Leo or Aries, Moon with Cancer or Taurus and Pluto with Scorpio. Negative astrological combinations include Uranus with Taurus or Leo, Neptune with Virgo or Pluto with Taurus. The guidebook provides many examples. 

Elemental friendships and dignities are wands which are fire and swords which are air because they are both transmissive and masculine in nature. Cups which are water and pentacles which are earth are also friendly because they are both receptive and feminine in nature. Wands and Cups are opposite elements. And swords and pentacles are also opposites.

The deck is black and white because Juno says the goal is to return us to the basics so that we can understand the health and wellness messages of the cards. The images have been drawn by Monica Knighton to intuitively reveal the healing message. Juno also says that you may use the guidebook with any tarot deck, so you also have that option if you have a favorite deck you want to use for health readings. 

She gives very detailed descriptions of each of the major arcana cards including their kabalistic associations, astrological connections, psychological and archetypal insights, upright and reversed health meanings and traditional interpretations. There are several pages for each major arcana card. I’ll give you an example of how she associates the major arcana with health concerns. For the High Priestess, she says that it rules all health issues pertaining to women, water, and transformation like the stomach and digestion, fluids of the body, tear ducts, and mucous membranes. 

For the court cards, she strips it down to address the traditional interpretations and offers reversed health meanings. But what I love is the specific bodily imbalances listed with the upright cards. Here, she gives you the focal points of particular health issues to zero in on. For instance, the focal point of the King of Swords is the kidneys, for the King of Wands it’s the head, and the Knight of Pentacles is the intestines. How helpful is that if you need answers for health concerns, right? Then for the minor arcana, we have traditional interpretations for key phrases, upright health meanings for both well aspected cards and poorly aspected cards and reverse health meanings. This deck is dripping with insights to the inner workings of your body. 

I love how the guidebook walks us through the lessons of health, diet, fitness, and wellness for each card. The creator puts an emphasis on bringing us back in balance by aligning our mind, body, spirit through health and wellness readings with these cards. She also includes the following spreads for health and healing in the guidebook: the acute illness spread, the healthy Zodiac spread, and a diet fitness spread. Like I said, this is the health deck for me. I even use the guidebook to figure out what my stalker cards have been trying to warn me about for years, and I flip through the book and see where it lands to find messages for my health that day. This guidebook is so helpful for checking in on my healing process and finding ways to give my body what it needs to heal and achieve balance. I can’t believe I never hear people talk about this deck. This is a gem, and I am so thankful that the universe nudge Juno to reply to my tweet that day. I was meant to find this deck this year, and to share it with you. Thanks Juno for reaching out and thanks to Red Feather for sending the deck over for me to review. 

The Sufi Tarot Review

The creator of the Sufi Tarot, Ayeda Husain, sent over her new tarot deck for me to review and share with you. It’s a Hayhouse deck. 

Ayeda is a longtime journalist specializing in Sufism and teaches Sufi meditation, chanting, and philosophy with a special emphasis on Rumi’s poetry as a means of healing and evolving. She’s run Sufi centers and even taught Sufi meditation to Buddhist monks in Tokyo, and she channels much of that wisdom and experience into this deck and insightful guidebook. She describes this as an East-meets-West deck, and she sees it like I do as a tool for self-reflection, healing, and transformation. But she comes to the tarot practice from a unique perspective that merges traditional tarot archetypes with ancient Sufi practices. 

This beautiful deck is so healing because the focus is on alignment of the mind, body, and spirit, which we’ve been focusing on today. The cards are stripped back to their truest essence. And the light and movement in this deck create change and transformation just by visually taking in the essence of the imagery. It reminds me of the Light Seers Tarot in regards to the use of light to convey healing energy. Reading with those two decks together is a game changer. 

The guidebook is full of Sufi wisdom with quotes from Rumi and Hazrat Inayat Khan that aid the healing process. Khan is the teacher and musician from India who brought Sufism to the west in the early 20th century. The back of the tarot box even says that “Sufism, called the path of the heart, is about polishing the mirror of the heart to reflect the Divine. This deck creatively re-envisions the cards through a Sufi lens and shares the potency of its ancient teachings and healing techniques.” In the guidebook, she talks about the power of the card images that serves to push us to discover deeper realms of our own being. I just love how she frames that. That’s exactly how I’ve always experienced the practice of tarot. That’s why I find it so healing because I learn so much about myself in the process, and it really serves to pull wisdom from my inner sage. That inner wisdom and the mystical truths that reside within just flow to the surface when I read. I learn something new every time I sling cards. So, her approach to tarot aligns perfectly with mine. 

This deck is very evocative despite having simplistic imagery. Instead, there’s a focus on the power of the colors in the cards and the symbolism that convey the wise messages associated with that card. The movement within the imagery is powerful and the focus on the healing nature of the elements shines through because the cards aren’t cluttered like some other decks are. This may be the most stripped back deck I’ve work with, and I think that’s what makes it stand out as a healing deck because it allows the symbolism in that card to evoke the healing needed at the moment that you are working with the cards. You don’t have to guess what the cards mean in that moment. It feels very clear and to the point when I read with it. 

The perspective of some of the cards really drew me in. I stopped cold when I flipped through the deck and got to the Hanged Man (in the photo below as the Taslim card). The image was so immersive. I felt like I was hanging from the tree with him. The 8 of Swords (shown above) was the same way. We are brought in close to her face and can feel the frustration you would feel if you were trapped in the same way. Working with this deck is an immersive experience that facilitates the mastery of the cards because you are tapped into the emotions and struggles of those cards. It helps you work your way through the tarot lessons by inserting you into the visceral experience. 

I’m highly impressed with this deck and even more impressed by the guidebook. Each card asks you several questions to ponder as you work out the meaning for yourself. And there’s an affirmation to help connect you with that energy and lesson. The majors have been reimagined and given alternate names based on their origins. For instance, the Magician in this deck is the Alchemist, (shown in photo above) transforming and transmuting that which can be seen. The guidebook tells us that he’s a powerful manifestor who can affect change by manifesting on the physical plane. He has mastered the Sufi practices of meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, and surrender, which enable him to take ideas of the ethereal plane and crystallize them into reality. 

When pulling this card, you’re being led to the abilities and resources you must access and connect with in order to succeed. It’s alerting you to the potential of your creative energy and your ability to heal yourself, heal others, and actualize your dreams. And she gives us questions to contemplate with this card: 

What is my relationship with power? 

What am I trying to manifest?

What is holding me back?

And the affirmation associated with this card says, “I make, mold, and build my own reality.” 

I love how this deck is structured because as you can see you’ll get the associated sufi practices and philosophy connected to the card, questions to contemplate when you pull the card, and affirmations to help you connect with that card’s healing energy. She also includes more in the description and history of the cards and the view from a Sufi perspective. I just summarized it for you here to give you a taste, but there’s a meaty description for each card. She also gives upright and reversed keywords and meanings for each. 

The suits are coins for pentacles, staffs for wands, cups, and swords. For the court cards, this deck uses daughters for pages, son for knights, malikas for queens, and shahs for kings. She even includes a healing spread called the five-pointed star spread to get you started on your healing journey. Through the cards, we learn how to identify why we attract and repeat unhealthy patterns and learn how to achieve balance between our mind, body, and spirit and a balance between the light and shadow within ourselves. By re-imagining the tarot major arcana with a Sufi perspective and stripping the cards back to their essence, you can focus on answering the big questions in life like what is our purpose and what are we here to learn and teach. 

This deck invites you on a journey of self-discovery and a healing transformation. I think it’s a perfect deck for healing the mind, body, and spirit and that’s why I included it in this blog. Coming back into a balance between all aspects of ourselves helps our bodies to heal and helps our wellness to return. The swords and staffs are my favorite suits in this deck. So powerful to work with when healing. Thank you to Ayeda for sending this deck over. I’m so happy to add this to my healing deck collection!

The Breath of Gold Oracle

The Breath of Gold Oracle by Adrienne Rivera is a gorgeous deck that helps us each connect to our breath each day. These cards focus on what to breathe in to help us stay grounded, aligned, confident in our power, and in flow with the universe. This deck offers diversity guidance, and channeled messages for each card. I pull a card weekly to see what I need to breathe in to help me to aligned and to feel connected at the soul level. I’m an affiliate partner for this beautiful deck, so you can purchase this deck through my affiliate link which you can find here and in the end of the blog with the other links. 

Health and the Law of Attraction Cards

One of the other decks that really helped me when I was healing from pancreatitis was the Health and the Law of Attraction Cards. This is more of an affirmation deck because there’s no guidebook or structure to the deck. There’s just an image and statement on the cards, but what I did was shuffle the deck at the beginning of the month, then I pulled one card daily in order of the pile I shuffled and I read the card several times and displayed the card for that day, taking time throughout the day to let that message sink in. This deck helped me to build up confidence that my body had the tools it needed to heal and return back to a healthy balance.  

Health and Wellness Spread

Here’s the 9 card Health and Wellness spread I created to help us tap into our body for clues to our current symptoms and imbalances and how to help our body restore balance. I’ve posted a graphic of this spread on my healingthrutarot account on Pinterest if you want to pin it. I’d love to see the photo of your wellness spreads. Please tag me on Instagram @healingthrutarot and please use #HTTwellnessspread 

If you’re looking for more health spreads, I’ve got 2 Healing Thru Tarot spread eBooks for Healing and Mental Health Spreads. Each spread book has 15 spreads on topics such as relaxation, restoring balance, a body healing spread, managing anxiety and depression, an energy spread, and a self-care spread, plus many more.

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A Spread for All Seasons - 17 custom spreads

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Healing and Mental Health Spreads Vol. 2- 15 9-card spreads

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