26 Oct

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I am still blissfully in the magic of Fall, so I wanted to share with you a fun magical gifts custom spread that I created along with some fun ideas on how to make this time of year a little more magical through exploring moon magic using tarot. And I have a special treat with a collective Halloween reading.

Since Halloween is this week, I hope you are thoroughly enjoying the season and watching tons of Halloween movies. I know I am. I watch paranormal shows all year round. Every Saturday is Paranormal Saturday for me where I binge paranormal ghost shows like Ghost Adventures, Ghost Brothers and Portals to Hell over a nice bottle of wine. But I really go all out in September and October. Hocus Pocus is a must 3 times in October along with Monster Squad, and Halloweentown. I save the scarier movies for late October. I have an extensive Halloween playlist. It is just not Halloween without Thriller, Feed my Frankenstein and the entire soundtrack to Rocky Horror Picture Show.

My Witch's Corner 2020

I’ve been spending a lot of time this month in my witch’s corner, where I have my entire dining room decked out with all my Halloween decorations and all my divination tools set up. It really sets the tone for readings and connecting with the other side this time of year. And if you really want to get in the witchy mood as you read, put on Peter Gundy’s 1 Hour of Witchcraft Music – you can find it on youtube and spotify (link is at end of this blog). Perfect for setting that mystical mood. 

If you are looking for a good book to read about Salem this October, I recommend the book A Season with the Witch. I read that last year, and it transported me to Salem, Mass. Salem is a place that I have been drawn to my entire life. I read all about the Salem Witch trials as a teenager and wrote many papers on it in undergraduate and graduate level psychology courses. I have always been fascinated with how paranoia swept an entire town and caused the villagers to commit atrocious acts of violence. I was planning on a trip to Salem soon, then Covid 19 happened, and of course we are all stuck in place now. So, that trip will have to wait until another year. Now that I have been studying and reading tarot the past few years, the draw to Salem has grown more intense, so I am anxious to get there to feel the energy of the town in person. It will be interesting to see whether the energy is anything like what I have been feeling, as I study all about the town’s history. Much of my fictional divination series takes place in Salem, so I put myself there mentally quite a lot to get in the zone to write my scenes in my stories.

October is such a magical time of year. If you want to feel more magical this month, why not try some moon magic or moon spells. We have a full moon in Taurus coming up on Halloween night, and the next new moon will be in Scorpio on November the 14-15th, depending on where you are in the world. Why not make some moon water? I did this in August on the new moon, and it was pretty effective. I got this idea from the Gem Goddess on a youtube video she posted a few months ago about manifesting with water. I took a 32 ounce water bottle and filled it with water and sat it on the window seal for several hours during the new moon. I preselected several tarot cards to sit under the water bottle to infuse the water with the vibrations of the things I wanted to manifest. I wrote out a list of my intentions for the month and paired it with a crystal to amplify the energy, and I placed the crystal next to the bottle. Then, every night for the next month, I poured out an ounce of water to drink from. The idea from this ritual was that the energy from my intentions, crystal and tarot cards left an imprint in the water that I was ingesting daily. I did feel like it helped to lift up my vibrations and added an extra bit of magical energy to my monthly new moon ritual of setting intentions.

Light Seer's Tarot

For this particular new moon, I set intentions for abundance and the growth and success with my creative projects, so I chose the following tarot cards: 9 of pentacles, 8 of Pentacles, the Sun, the Chariot, the Magician, the 4 of Wands, the Empress and The Queen of Wands, Queen of Pentacles and King of Pentacles using my Light Seers Tarot. These cards represent to me creativity, being bold in going after your dreams, working hard to grow your craft, movement forward towards victory, and success and positive energy to harness for creation and manifestation. The King and Queen of Pentacles to me represents the masters of manifestation and materializing a dream. I’m a Capricorn, and Capricorns are usually gifted at manifesting whatever we put our minds to. Work ethic is one of the main traits for Capricorns, so these 2 cards for me always come up in readings when I am successfully mastering my tasks and work and life goals. When I want to embody that energy, I will pull out the King and Queen of Pentacles to pull on that energy to motivate me and propel me forward. It always seems to work! I paired these cards with my carnelian crystal since I use this when working on creative projects and passion projects.

I have heard that if you feel the energy of the moon could be really intense for that month or if you are releasing something really heavy, you may not want to ingest the moon water because that could reintroduce that energy into your body. I did this ritual with the new moon and not the full moon, so I can only speak to the new moon experience. But I do work on intention setting for both new and full moons every month. I always pull a spread for each moon as well. I encourage you to work with tarot and oracle cards with the new moon and full moon. Get in the habit of pulling a card or even several cards for every New Moon and Full Moon. I do a spread with tarot and oracle for each moon phase. 

There are some decks that are created to focus around the moon’s energy. The Moon Deck is an oracle designed with the moon’s energy as the base for the whole deck. The images are soft and feminine just like the moon’s energy, so it helps you easily get in touch with emotions such as self-nurturing, self-love, positive transformation, healing, getting in sync with the moon cycles and getting in touch with the beauty of nature. This deck is designed to help you build your self-esteem, strength, purpose, personal power and gifts.

Moonology Deck

The Moonology Oracle is another oracle that I love to work with for my moon readings because there are cards for each phase of the moon, all the zodiac signs for each new and full moon and special moons such as blue moons, super moons, etc. These cards are also helpful for narrowing down timing in readings as they can help you see if something is developing quickly or slowly.

New Moon Intention Setting:

On the day of a new moon (or a few days before or after), this is the time you plant new seeds that you want to manifest. Over the month, the moon's energy nurtures those seeds and helps them grow. Write down a list of 5-10 intentions for the new moon. Write your intentions in present tense as if it has already happened.

"I am living my dream life."

"I am in love with my life."

"My job is fulfilling daily."

Just write down anything you want in present tense and hold those thoughts in love and gratitude and release them out to the universe.

Full Moon Intention Setting:

2 weeks after a new moon there will be a full moon. On full moons, I usually focus on things I want to release or complete. You write down what you want to release from your life again in present tense as if it is happening or has happened not future tense.

"I let go of my self-doubts."

"I release all emotional blocks."

Write those down and say "so it is" and release that to the universe wholeheartedly with love and gratitude that it is gone now. It only takes like 5 minutes to write these simple statements and set that intention every 2 weeks. Such a simple act can really have a huge impact. Ethony Dawn always posts a custom spread for new and full moons on Instagram, if you are looking for spreads each month. I always use her spreads for my new and full moon spreads. A link to her instagram account is at the end of the blog.

I can attest to the influence that the moon has on our world. When working as a mental health tech in 2 different psychiatric hospitals, we always saw way more admissions on the full moon, and we often had patients that came in so violent that we had to restrain the patients to keep them from harming themselves, other patients and our staff. We saw more substance abuse, aggressive behavior, violence and psychotic breaks around really intense full moons. We always knew when it was a full moon, even without looking at a calendar. I notice it even in private practice as well. Clients will send texts and emails much more often the days around a full moon detailing emergency situations, usually in a frantic state. It is very easy for me to sense the full moon by their behavior with no need of a lunar calendar. So, it definitely impacts us. For me personally, I feel the new moons more intensely compared to a full moon. I’m not entirely sure why that is, except that I was born 5 days before a new moon while it was a waning crescent moon. I’m not sure if that matters, but I noticed it a few days ago when I was looking up the moon phase I was born under. But it never fails, about 5-7 days before a new moon I will feel my emotions kick up and I can experience anxiety out of nowhere and this is almost always a sign for me that an intense new moon is coming.

I have Diane Ahlquist’s books on Moon Spells entitled Moon Spells: How to use the phases of the moon to get what you want. And I have found it helpful in learning how to work with the moon’s energy. And the word “spell” or “magic” to me just means a focused intention or ritual where you use your attention/focus and the power of the mind to direct that energy towards what you are trying to manifest or materialize. The power of belief is really effective and can be very helpful when trying to improve areas of your life. It is important to choose the right phase of the moon to pair with your intention setting. Use new moons to start something new – a new project, relationship, job, etc. It is a time to start to implement positive changes into your routine. Here, you are using this new energy to plant seeds for what you want to grow and materialize later. Then, as the moon grows each day that seed is watered and will grow.

In a waxing moon, it appears to grow in size so use this time to increase and grow certain areas in your life. At a full moon, which is 2 weeks after a new moon, the moon is in its most powerful phase. This is when we are most intuitive and psychic. This is a great time to get your ducks in a row, to complete a project you had already started. I’ve actually heard the full moon is a good time to start a diet so that the energy helps you take away the unwanted pounds. So, I guess a new moon is not the right time, as you don’t want to grow or expand. Every month has a full moon and a new moon. When there are 2 full moons like we have this October, then it is called a blue moon. We have one blue moon a year. A waning moon is decreasing in size, so it is a time for releasing and letting go and decreasing certain areas of your life. This is a good time to cut off relationships, let go of past issues, trauma, memories, and blockages. The day of the week can be important for rituals and spellwork. For example, the ruling planet on Monday is the moon, so it is best for psychic work, healing and divine messages. And on Sunday, the ruling planet is the sun, which is a good day for healing work and insights into problem solving. 

Something I want to study more about would be planetary hours because I have recently learned that each hour of the day is ruled by a planet, and it can be helpful to learn which hour might be the most beneficial to work on certain projects or tasks to allow that energy to help you complete the task in a more efficient or productive manner. There is an app on your phone called HOURS that will tell you the ruling planet for each hour of the day. I learned about planetary hours last month during a virtual Lenormand conference, and it is something I plan to study more indepthly. I’m all about finding tricks to help make my time more effective and streamlined.

I also want to note that it is important to look at the zodiac sign that the moon is in each month because the energy will definitely differ from month to month, and the zodiac sign will point you in the direction of the type of inner work needed that month, whether it be related to health, finances, work or emotions.

Collective Halloween Reading

I thought I would do something a little different this month. I love using my Halloween decks as much as possible since I only have them out for 2 months, so I thought I would do a Halloween reading for the collective of listeners of my podcast and readers of my blog. This week is Halloween, and we have a full moon on Halloween night, so what better time to get the cards out and see what messages they have for us. I used the Dark Mansion Tarot with 3 oracle decks (Magick and Mediums Oracle, Halloween Oracle and the Oracle of Shadows and Light). 

I pulled the 6 of Cups from the Dark Mansion Tarot. The 6 of Cups is my past life card or dealing with anything from the past. This month past issues, memories and relationships may pop back up for more work to be done. Issues related to past lives may also be playing out for you. With the veil being thin this time of year, you may be receiving messages from loved ones that have passed on. This card can represent reunions and nostalgia, and Samhain is a time period when our ancestors are close to us so that is a reunion of sorts, and you may find yourself thinking of your loved ones more this week. It could be that they are really close to you when those emotions come up for you.

I pulled 2 cards from the Magick and Mediums oracle. The Knowledge card is related to the akashic records, where all of the memories from all of our lives are recorded. This card is related to reincarnation, past lives, a homecoming. And this continues our message from the 6 of Cups of issues from the past coming into play. The next card is the Kitchen Magic card and urges us to use food and drink to manifest and heal this month. You can do this with herbs, water, teas, and holistic medicines, as well as planetary energies. This card goes with the water moon magick we already talked about in this episode, so the cards are reflecting that this could be beneficial at this time. This message is also telling us that we are resourceful, and we have access to everything we need to make what we want a reality. Additionally, I think it is saying that we have everything we need to heal ourselves as well.

Next, I pulled 2 cards from The Halloween Oracle, and I got the Skull of Darkness (blind spots) and The Underworld (where all things pause and begin again). Together these cards are telling us that there are blind spots to our shadow that keeps us from progressing. And now is the time to do some shadowork to stop repeating unhealthy patterns. And we will be rewarded in the end after we put in the hard work. For the underworld card, we need to look at what has to fall away now for our lives to transform. It will help us make space for the creation of something new. This leads to a transition to a more authentic version of ourselves.

And to wrap up this collective reading, I pulled 2 final cards from the Oracle of Shadows and Light. We got the Sea Beacon Fairy, as a warning to question the paths available to us right now. We are being asked to question “Does this one path seem right to me?” The warning is to not jump at the first opportunity that comes along. Check your inner wisdom, your gut and question what advice you are getting from others. Not all advice will be correct. You have to think ahead “Where will this advice lead me and is that where I want to go?”

The last card is the Angel de los Muertos – she brings in messages from our lost loved ones. This card is so fitting to pull now because the messages are often coming through around Samhain when we receive messages of wisdom and guidance. Be open to these messages coming in from loved ones and ancestors. Pay attention to dreams, visions, and messages in all forms, including numbers. This card can also represent an ending of certain cycles and a rebirth into a new life. You can take this time to rewrite soul contracts and activate this lifetime’s purpose.

Hopefully, you found some of these messages helpful. The cards seemed to work well together and point to a few areas that we all will be experiencing over the next few weeks. Ancestor work and shadow work will be a beneficial thing to do at this moment in order for us all to make as much progress as we can on our healing journey.

Magical Gift Spread

For Halloween, I wanted to share with you the 6 card Magical Gift spread I created. This spread can be used with a tarot or oracle deck. I created this magical gift spread right after unboxing the Magick and Mediums Oracle. I was blown away by the artwork and the energy I felt when working with the deck. So, when I created this spread, I created it based on oracle cards, but I think it would work with tarot as well. For this month, I am using the Magick and Medium Oracle myself for my reading. A photo of my spread that I threw for myself is at the bottom of the blog. You can find the Magick and Mediums deck on the website magickandmediums.com. I highly recommend this deck. It is my most magical deck!

If you throw this spread for yourself, I would love to see the photo. Please tag me @healingthrutarot on instagram. The Hashtag for this spread is #healingthrutarotmagicalgiftspread

Healing Thru Tarot October Tarot Challenge

We have a week left on the Healing Thru Tarot October tarot challenge on Instagram where I have provided 31 prompts for the month of October, and you can pull a tarot or oracle card each day. Please tag me in those card pulls, if you share them on Instagram. I’m @healingthrutarot and please use the hashtag #HTTOctoberTarotChallenge

Photo of my throw for the Magical Gift Spread using the Magick and Mediums Oracle



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