09 Nov

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In this blog, I want to focus on the inner healing work that we can be working on at the personal and collective level to usher in this new age of enlightenment that is at our fingertips. I will be discussing our role in that process, and I will be sharing an 8 card healing spread I created for you to pull for your personal healing process. I will by pulling cards using that spread as a collective reading. This will show us what is playing out in the collective, how we heal together, and how to help usher in this new energy coming in.

First of all, I want to say this is important work. If each of us works on our inner healing work then we heal the collective and lift the vibration for everyone around us. One of my favorite phrases to focus on personally is, “Heal thyself, heal the world.” I believe this wholeheartedly. If everyone in the world took the time to do deep personal inner healing then the world would be a completely different place for all of us to live. Inner healing work could be the most significant action you could take to improve the situation we all find ourselves in globally. We are all wounded at some level and that saying “Wounded people wound others,” is true. So if every single human being took the time to dig deep and heal those wounds we would stop so much of the abuse, cheating, lying, sabotaging, and warring with each other that we see play out across the globe daily. If we were no longer wounded, we could hold the light more consistently, we could give love and compassion more freely and that would have a ripple effect on the world that would stop most wars and divisiveness. That is what is at the root of most of the problems we face today.

Tarot is so useful as a healing tool because it helps to pinpoint what is going on subconsciously, and most of us have hidden from these wounds and lived in avoidance to not have to face the pain again. Tarot is so effective in drilling down to the root of these issues instantly. And I am not going to lie to you – it is uncomfortable to face. In the end, though, it is so rewarding because the wounds can start to heal once we address them. No more hiding! 

This is what shadow work is all about. If we don’t face these issues, they hide in the darkness out of our view, and they have more control over our responses to others and our views of ourselves than we want to acknowledge. This is when we will lash out at others, project our fears and weaknesses onto those around us, and take our anger out on those we love, which can drive them away from us and leave us alone in the end. I don’t think anyone wants to end up in that lonely, angry, and hurtful place. If you start to look at these wounds now and address them, then you will start your healing journey on day 1 and will get to a place of peace much faster than you realize. I think addressing this healing process early is beneficial because there is no sidestepping these issues. I look at it like I look at grief. You can put it off, but you can never bypass it. That emotion will come up on its own again one day, and it could end up being at a time that is very inconvenient for you. I think it is better to take charge of your healing journey, so you are in the driver’s seat and can control it instead of it rearing its head when you least expect it.

I hear from a lot of people currently that they are living in a constant state of fear due to the chaotic unpredictable nature of the world events we find ourselves in for 2020 and the past few years. Fear lowers our immune system. It is so important during this pandemic for each of us to lower our stress and anxiety levels, so we can boost our immunity. Turn off the news if you can. Read the news versus watching it because it makes a huge difference emotionally. Work on your solar plexus and take this opportunity of covid to change your daily routines and plans if you aren’t happy in the path you have been on. Make small goals and work on each a little bit every day. Focus on your goal one hour or one minute at a time. This helps you to move in the right direction no matter how slowly. As long as you continue to move forward that is a positive thing. If you are feeling low or stressed, put on music that lifts you up. Choose high vibe music. I would stay away from music that is depressive or angry in tone. Music really does impact our mood and energy more than you think. But just listen to whatever makes you feel better. And engage in activities that lift your mood. Tarot is one of my favorite anxiety-reducing activities along with reading a good book, watching comedies, or funny youtube videos. Dancing is a great way to liven things up. This will be different for everyone. Just keep doing what you love! That is so key.

Now when talking about the personal versus the collective. I want you to think of a boat that is leaking all over from tiny holes all over the boat. To fix this problem, it will take each person working on one hole at a time. If we each work on plugging up our hole, we can save the boat from sinking. But we all have to pitch in and do our work. This represents the inner healing work that we all need to be working on currently. If we all are successful by healing and tending to our wounds then collectively we all heal and we make a HUGE difference in the world. This will require us each to pull our weight here. I can’t heal someone else by doing all the work for them. Each person has to take that responsibility for themselves. No one is exempt here. I believe that we will keep coming back over and over again to get this right. If we don’t learn the lessons we came here to learn and we don’t heal from what we signed up to heal then I believe we have to start that cycle all over again. So the sooner we get to healing, the more karma we clear, and the quicker we reach peace and enlightenment.

It is best not to focus or fixate on the healing work other people in your life need to do. Everyone is on their own path. We can get sidetracked if we are distracted by fixating on others. Refocus your attention on your healing journey. We also don’t want to interfere with the path that someone else is on. They may have lessons they still need to work on, and we could be interfering with those lessons if we try to push them before they are ready. This is something I have to constantly remind myself, so I know how hard it is to stay in our own lanes. It is so tempting! One of the things I am focused on right now is clearing as much karma that I can. That includes personal karma, ancestral karma, and collective karma. The more work we do on clearing all of this in this lifetime the better we will all feel. The energy can shift drastically around us if we clear fears, wounds, conflicts, and grudges.

I created an 8 card spread for your personal healing. You can pull cards on the work you need to focus on through your healing journey. If you throw this spread for yourself, I would love to see the photo. Please tag me on Instagram. I’m @healingthrutarot and please use the hashtag #healingthrutarothealingspread


Below I am going to walk you through the cards I pulled for this same spread when asking about the collective energy.

For this collective reading, I used the Bonestone and Earthflesh Tarot by Avalon Cameron and Ana Tourian. I just received this deck a few weeks ago, and I am already getting a strong ancestral energy off the cards. I felt it was a good deck to use considering that this reading will be dealing with healing, karmic lessons, and ancestral guidance.

Card 1: What needs to be healed (Root of the problem)?

Card Pulled: 2 of Swords – This card tells me that we have been stuck in indecision, avoidance of an issue, and stuck in a stagnate state like the Hanged Man card. As a collective, we have not been moving forward, and the collective has not been tuning into their intuitive side. I’m feeling this card is pointing out that we are so distracted by the chaos surrounding us or the scandal of the day that we aren’t giving proper attention to the work we need to be doing. The advice is to take the time to disconnect from the daily distractions meditate, turn inward to seek our inner wisdom and guidance, use intuition, and seek divine help.

In this version of the 2 of Swords (shown above), we see a young mother who is traveling with a baby on her back. She has to choose which path to take at a crossroads. She pulls out her pendulum to seek advice. Divination could be a tool we use to connect with the messages the universe is trying to convey to us at the moment. Start to pull cards daily for guidance on the inner work to focus on.

This card is also nudging us all to make a clear choice and to choose a direction to move in to get us out of this stagnation. Our indecision is keeping us stagnant. We need to seek the truth and not turn a blind eye to the world around us. Pretending that this chaos we live in isn’t happening is not helping to solve the problem we have. It’s ok to turn the news off if that energy is keeping you fearful but continue to pay attention through other sources on what is going on in the world. I always tell people to read the news if watching it is too distressful. Know that our choices have consequences and have a ripple effect. It is not just about us individually anymore. We need to consider how our choices impact others and start to factor that in. This goes for the environment too – all of our choices of what to buy, recycling, which companies to support all impact the environment on a larger scale. We need to pay attention to our daily impact. We have to take the blindfolds off.  

Card 2: Lesson not learned yet that is contributing to the obstacles we face. 

Card Pulled: Lovers – this card can be a choice that needs to be made, so if it is being pulled in this position of the lesson that has not been learned that would represent again a choice that has not been made by the collective. And this would point out our avoidant behavior again like the 2 of Swords. The Lovers also represents love/compassion and partnership. So in this position, it would mean that we are lacking love and compassion. The advice would be to come together in unity with empathy for others. This card shows that we have been detached and disconnected for far too long, and I think most of us can already feel that. It has been very apparent the past 5 years at least.

What we need collectively is partnership, co-creation, connection, love, and cooperation. Connectedness will be important. We are so divided right now which leads to isolation and loneliness. This card also talks about balance and duality. We have the important task in front of us to balance the divine masculine and divine feminine, which many people are working through now. We have both aspects inside each of us and many of us have an imbalance between these two parts of ourselves. So, we need balance all around.

Card 3: What needs to be let go and released? 

Card Pulled: Seven of Swords – This tells me that collectively we need to release our avoidance and any sneaky, conniving behavior. The manipulative, deceptive way we have been sabotaging each other will need to end if we are to come together in unity. This includes any underhandedness, backstabbing, theft, or secrecy that is done to undermine others. In this version of the card, the woman holds a knife behind her back. We don’t know her intentions here from the image, but this card can be a warning of malicious intentions of those around you. The 7 of Swords card also represents outcasts, so the first 3 cards show loners. This shows a sense of separation. However, that separation and the individual needs over the needs of the group will need to be released.

Card 4: What new energy will fill its place?

Card Pulled: The World – This is an amazing card to pull for new energy coming in because it means victory, success, fulfillment, wholeness, completion of karmic lessons and soul paths. All of this is leading to celebration, happiness, and connection. The image on this card in this deck is a big beautiful tree with long branches and lengthy roots reaching deep into the earth grounding itself, and the background is a rainbow-colored landscape.

This card pull represents a world that is more in balance and in harmony. This is also an expansion of consciousness and spiritual pursuits. We couldn’t have pulled a better card here for the new energy that is coming in collectively. The roots and branches stretch from one side of the card to the other and from top to bottom. This reaches far and wide across the globe uniting us all in one family. This message right here tells me we are going to be ok if we find a way to build connection.

Card 5: Action to take to bring this healing about.

Card Pulled: King of Pentacles – The King of Pentacles is a grounded, generous individual and is a lover of nature. Since the King of Pentacles is a provider, I am reading this as a call for us collectively to provide resources for all. And a call for us to share our wealth, invest in others and lift up our communities. The way the King of Pentacles shows love is through providing for loved ones to help them feel safe, financially secure, and taken care of in every way. So, let’s lend a helping hand to those in need.

In this image in the Bonestone and Earthflesh Tarot, the King of Pentacles is covered in green foliage that takes up the entire border of the card. The advice would be to put our resources to good use. Pentacles have a strong tie to nature, so I’m feeling this specifically is referring to putting resources into green renewable energy and starting to take eco-friendly actions in our daily life such as buying environmentally safe products and using companies that are eco-friendly since the question is asking about actions we need to take.

Also, the King of Pentacles lives comfortably without debt, which makes me think minimalism may be part of this call to action because this card can represent Capricorns who are practical and often live within their means to stretch and preserve their resources. The King of Pentacles does not avoid hard work, so we all need to pitch in to share the work to build up our communities and to take care of the planet.

Card 6: What Area can we grow/evolve?

Card Pulled: Six of Wands – This card usually refers to receiving accolades and praise for accomplishments. The message I am getting for the collective at this time of healing is the need to celebrate and praise everyone putting in the work. Collectively, we need to work to boost the self-esteem, confidence, and volume and impact of the voices of those around us. Gone are the days where you will be allowed to steal the ideas of others and push them into the shadows to steal the spotlight and the rewards. We are being called to all share in the collective achievement.

We need to recognize those that have been historically forgotten or pushed into the shadows. We need to lift and amplify the voices of those that don’t have platforms yet but have new ideas that need to be heard. There will be no room for jealousy in this new world. We will all work together for a common goal and get there together as a group. Also, we need to make the most of this opportunity to heal, to save the planet, and to love one another. This is a call to rise to the occasion. It is also a victory card, so we are being told that we will be successful in this task.

Card 7: What help do I need to call in for this healing work?

Card Pulled: 10 of Pentacles – I had a feeling this was the card that would come up here. Our ancestors will be very important in this healing process. This is the card of ancestors, family, family legacy, and family lineage. We will need to call on all of our connections and support system to heal. This card also represents shared resources, so we will need to pull from those resources to help others.

The 10 of Pentacles for me also means the need to break karmic cycles. I see a long line of generations and elders standing together to break karmic cycles passed down generationally and to help us return the balance to our lives as we heal our wounds. Each person will need to heal our personal wounds as that will heal the collective. This is the perfect time of year to do ancestral work and karmic clearing while the veil is thin, and we are moving toward winter which is a natural period for shedding.

Card 8: Message from guides/ancestors on this healing shift 

Card Pulled: The Chariot – I love this! This card shows us that we are going to move forward not backward. We are to take charge of our destiny here by taking the reigns and moving in a decisive direction out of that stagnation where we started the reading. This card tells me that collectively we will be triumphant over our obstacles and will see success and victory. We will no longer have a lack of direction like in the 2 of Swords and Lovers.

Here are the main takeaways from this collective reading to sum it all up:

Collectively, we need to focus on expansion (spiritual and innovations like green energy, eco-friendly inventions and new products). The advice is to make a decision on the direction to move in, visualize where we want to go, and make that visualization a reality. We can do that through centering, grounding, and meditating on peace and love and healing on a daily basis.

Dream Big! Dream of us all being victorious in these efforts. We got 3 victory cards – the World, 6 of Wands, and the Chariot. I was thrilled to see these cards. We have more control than we realize. Remember we are going forward and not backward. We got no past cards! Vision and Hope!

It is an expansive and inclusive energy. From this reading, I can see us collectively embracing each other and moving over that victory line together. No one left behind. It will be important for us each to think about how we impact each other through our decisions and our actions. And we are called to send love to each other. Let’s all practice sending out good energy even to those we disagree with to help them heal.

I wanted to point out that we pulled all the suits but cups so that further shows that we are missing love and connection. We can each work on building healthier relationships in our lives to address that scarcity of connection. Look at how you impact others. How can you increase connectedness in your life and spread more love? Remember heal thyself, heal the world. Our first card the 2 of Swords showed stagnation, and the last card showed movement forward with the Chariot. That is a very positive sign. Overall, I found this to be a beautiful and encouraging message. We can do this together if we all work on our inner healing work that needs to be done at this time. It’s not always easy or comfortable, but it is necessary to evolve and to progress on our healing journey. It is the whole reason I started this podcast, to reach out to others who were also on this healing journey so we can support each other through it. You are not alone!


I want to thank everyone who participated in the October Tarot Challenge. The response far exceeded what I expected and what I had hoped for. It was so much fun! I read through everyone’s readings each day, and the messages coming through for everyone at this time were so insightful. So thank you if you participated!

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