15 Apr

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Justice from The Bonestone and Earthflesh Tarot (above)

This blog goes along with Healing Thru Tarot Podcast episode Ep. 54: The Fool's Journey Through the Tarot Majors Part 2 (Justice thru the World Card)

In this blog, I’ll walk us through the second half of the Fool’s Journey that we started in the last blog, and I’ll share with you a custom spread called The Fool’s Journey representing lessons from this journey we’ve been studying. 

So in the last blog, I introduced us to the Fool and walked us through the first half of the journey, traveling from the Magician card through the Wheel of Fortune, and we discussed all the lessons we learn as we meet each archetype and mentor along the way. If you haven’t checked that out, make sure to listen to part one first. 

Justice from The Light Seers Tarot (above)

Today, we’re going to pick up right in the middle of our journey, as we approach card number eleven, Justice, which symbolizes fairness, balance, truth, and divine order. Like the Lovers card, this is another card of choice, but it’s directly linked to the consequences of our decisions. Here, the Fool learns about the universal laws, equality, morality, the importance of making ethical choices and taking responsibility as well as seeking justice in their own lives and the world around them. They also learn to be objective – remember justice is blind. 

Rachel Pollack points out that the Justice card teaches us that “all events in our lives have worked out in a way they were meant to work out - that what is happening to us comes from situations and decisions in the past, which means we can influence future events by lessons learned in the present and decisions made in the moment.” That’s why this card represents karmic justice and the balancing of karmic debt. 

The Hanged Man from The Light Seers Tarot (above)

Card number twelve brings us to the Hanged Man. This card invites the Fool to surrender and view life from a different perspective, leading to profound transformation. This can be a very vulnerable card as we are literally turned upside down and hanging from a tree until the lesson is learned. But once we relinquish control and open up to a new vantage point then we can get a taste of what true peace feels like. This card represents the inner quest for wisdom and the sacrifices we make to access and gain that knowledge like Odin who gave his right eye and hung upside from a tree for 9 days to receive the wisdom of the runes. The light around the figure’s head in the image symbolizes enlightenment through this process. Much like the lantern in the Hermit card. 

What are you willing to sacrifice for newfound wisdom and sacred knowledge or for the peace that comes with understanding new perspectives? Even though the Fool may feel frustrated and stagnant when their life is paused, it’s only temporary, and the lessons gained from this timeout will benefit them for years to come. 

Death from The Bonestone and Earthflesh Tarot (above)

Arriving at card thirteen, we encounter Death, signifying endings, transformation, and rebirth. The Fool confronts the idea of letting go of the old to welcome new beginnings and shedding their old self for a new, improved version of self. 

Tori Hartman says, “The Fool steps out of her cocoon and emerges reborn, leaving her shadow self tied to the roots of her past. This is the death of all that once held her back. She is now in the universal state of mastery and emerges into a new life.” So, the fool learns not to become stuck in old habits and not to fear change or ego death for that is how we evolve as we turn the page to a new chapter in our lives. 

“We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” ~ Joseph Campbell  

Now, the Fool is entering level three of the majors that Tori Hartman calls Mastery. The Fool has learned many lessons from their mentors during the early learning phases and expanded their abilities to manifest in the middle “living” phases. Now, they’re ready for mastery as they now encounter their greatest challenges on this journey. They’ll learn to use the tools they’ve acquired and apply the lessons learned along the way.   

Temperance from The Light Seers Tarot (above)

So, moving on from Death, we arrive at number fourteen, Temperance, one of my favorite cards in the deck because this is a healing card representing balance, harmony, and moderation. The Fool learns to blend opposing forces reaching a new form of equilibrium. Temperance teaches the Fool the art of self-mastery, self-control, and finding peace amidst chaos as they attempt to achieve stability through centeredness and through inviting in a total sense of well-being. Like the Hanged Man, we’re once again asked to slow down to learn the lessons of this card and urged to take the middle path to keep away from extremes, vices, and excessive indulgences. With this card, think of Taylor Swift’s song, “You need to calm down.” Balance in all things. 

The Devil from The Light Seers Tarot (above)

Leaving the harmony of the Temperance card, we meet a disturbing character on our travels, the Devil, card fifteen. Here, the Fool confronts their shadow and any illusions that were holding them captive. They’re called to face their temptations by staring down their inner demons. They’re then encouraged to break free from the unhealthy patterns that the Devil represents like fears, obsessions, the restriction of political oppression, and any other temptations or addictions that enslave them like materialism or sexual vices. 

Hopefully, the Fool won’t be too daunted by the image on the card. Looking at the image closely, we can see that even though the individuals are chained there’s slack there, and they’re chained to the box, not the devil. 

The Devil from The Rider Waite Smith Tarot (above)

In fact, the Devil is perched on the small block and doesn’t have much sway here apparently. So, if the chains aren’t tightly restricting the individuals and could easily be slipped off, then why stay? The Fool might soon come to the conclusion that this is self-sabotage and self-restriction, but you have to first become conscious of these chains and issues before you free yourself from their grasp. That is why this card is often used for shadow work. This card is more about the self-critic that resides in each of us tying us in knots and sabotaging our prospects than any external demonic force. 

But there is a way to break free from these restraints, which the Fool will learn about through this interaction if they’re courageous enough to take a long hard look at their shadow self. I don’t know about you but viewing this card as the shadow self is a much less frightening thought when faced with this card. Better the devil you know, right? 

It reminds me of this quote by Cheri Huber

If you’re interested in how to start shadow work, I have a 3-part shadow work series. You can find that in episodes 33-35, and in Ep. 44 I address embracing our shadow. And Episode 48 focuses on shadow work with the dark feminine. Those will all help you begin the process of facing your shadow and integrating your shadow aspects. And I have a shadow work spread eBook with 20 shadow work spreads. See below. You can purchase any of my spread eBooks here https://www.buymeacoffee.com/healingthrutaro/extras

From the Devil thru the World Card, Rachel Pollack calls this phase the superconscious, which she deems as the development of a spiritual awareness and a release of archetypal energy. With that in mind, we move on to probably the most feared card in the tarot, card sixteen, the Tower. No one’s ever ready for a tower moment, but sometimes it’s inevitable. 

The Tower from The Light Seers Tarot (above)

The Tower is a symbol of destruction and upheaval and brings sudden, dramatic change. The Fool experiences a profound collapse of old structures and belief systems when a life altering event shakes them to their core. But there’s a silver lining here. These events invite the Fool to rebuild their lives on a more solid foundation of truth. So, the Tower represents freedom through the opportunity for rebirth and growth amidst the chaos. All the lessons we’ve learned in the previous cards have prepared us for this shocking moment. 

As Willa Cather says, “There are some things you learn best in calm and some in storms.” 

Tori Hartman points out that the Tower is what happens when we ignore our instinct. That would make this a warning card. So, if you face a tower moment, ask yourself if there were any warning signs missed or ignored beforehand? 

The Tower from The Dark Mansion Tarot (above)

If you pull The Tower card when things are calm, there is an opportunity to prevent the tower moment. BUT be careful here. In some cases, trying to prop up the Tower when it’s meant to fall could just result in it toppling on top of you. Learn to read the signs and know the difference. There’s an element of fate with this card because tower moments can often lead to the awakenings we needed to push us onto another path. This leads to profound transformation, which is necessary for growth on this journey. Otherwise, we would all stay in the safety of our comfort zones. And The Tower isn’t always negative. It can also represent epiphanies, flashes of insight, strokes of inspiration, and sparks of ideas like flashes of lightning. Most creators know this feeling. 

The Star from The Light Seers Tarot (above)

Moving on from that dreaded tower, we arrive at card seventeen, the Star, a healing, hopeful card. As the Fool emerges from the ruins of the Tower, they find comfort, guidance, and direction. The Star represents hope, cleansing, rejuvenation, inspiration, and a renewal of faith during this healing process. 

The Fool learns to trust in their intuition and to embrace their true purpose, shining brightly amidst the darkness. Hope returns after the devastation from the Tower because the Star provides safety for the recovery that’s necessary after falling off the top of the tower. Guided by their north star, the Fool finds comfort to heal and the hope to rebuild. The card can also represent spirit guides, our higher self, and any divine connection you feel tethered to that gives you strength and support during crisis moments. It’s the card that most of us probably want to see when pulling cards. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. 

As Rachel Pollack says, “The Tower’s release of energy ripped away the veil of consciousness. Here, in The Star we are behind the veil. And we aren’t asked to take any action here. For the moment the journey can wait.” 

The Moon from The Light Seers Tarot (above)

Moving forward from the Star, we encounter another celestial body in card eighteen, the Moon. This card represents the realm of the subconscious and the unconscious minds, as well as our dreams, illusions, and the clarity we find when we explore them. The Moon shines light on what’s hidden so the Fool can dive deeply into their subconscious to begin the process of self-examination where they’ll meet and explore their deepest fears and desires, listen to their intuition, and find solace in the mysteries that lie beneath the surface. It’s another card for shadow work as our shadow resides in the subconscious and unconscious minds hidden from the light. This is also the card of lunacy and can indicate distortions, illusions, delusions, hallucinations, confusion, and cycles of mental illness. 

The Sun from The Light Seers Tarot (above)

After swimming in the depths of our subconscious, we travel to the light as we approach card nineteen, the Sun. Symbolizing joy, vitality, growth, success, liberation, and enlightenment, the Sun brings the Fool a newfound sense of clarity and optimism. The Fool basks in the warm radiance of truth, the joy of self-discovery, and experiences a renewed zest for life. The Sun reminds the Fool of their own divine essence and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. This is such an enthusiastic card and can bring new beginnings for true happiness. It’s a representation of our inner child and our authentic self that’s meant to shine for all the world to see. It’s often considered the best card in the deck! The Star would be a close second. 

Judgment from The Light Seers Tarot (above)

After basking in the glow of our success, we come to card twenty, Judgment. This card signifies a spiritual awakening, a reckoning of the past, and a call to embrace one's true self. Some see it as a card symbolizing the rapture described in the Bible and a day of final judgment. But to many this card represents a rebirth and an opportunity to live in alignment with one's authentic purpose. 

As we’re close to the end of this journey, the Fool finally learns to take stock of their life so far and here they can see a glimpse of their full potential after discovering their authentic self with the Sun. In this card, the cross on the banner beneath the angel shows a crossroads where a decision has to be made. What will the Fool choose? And once the decision is made, will they follow it up with action? I call this card the soul’s calling. We hear that call from our higher self to step into the purpose we signed up for and to align to that path we planned before we incarnated. This card comes up a lot during the dark night of the soul when a person is in the midst of a spiritual awakening and trying to make sense of their life as the ground shakes beneath them. 

Rachel Pollack sums it up this way. “After integrating our shadow self in the devil and moon card and reconnecting with our authentic self and inner child in the Sun card, we are fully healed and aligned to move onto our higher path. The Fool is now ready to share their self-growth and lessons learned from this journey with the world after becoming fully awakened and conscious of everything in the shadow and after bringing it into the light to be transformed.” 


The World from The Bonestone and Earthflesh Tarot (above)

As we arrive at the end of our epic journey, we approach card twenty-one, the World, representing completion, wholeness, achievement, satisfaction, and integration. The Fool has finally arrived at the pinnacle of their journey, having learned profound lessons from the archetypes in the tarot majors and having embraced their true self. #In the Rider Waite Smith Tarot image of the World, the figure, called the dancer, has 2 wands compared to the Magician’s single wand. The Magician is the conduit for the energy to flow from above to be anchored into the physical world, but the dancer is the energy. She represents the balance of power. 

The World card signifies a harmonious union of all aspects of the Fool's being, a celebration of their journey and a recognition of their interconnectedness with the world around them. The Fool has gained wisdom, experienced personal growth, and integrated the lessons learned throughout the journey. 

Having come full circle, the Fool has attained a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. As Ethony Dawn says of the end of the Fool’s journey, “The Fool now walks through the world as an integrated being who has achieved wholeness and can experience fulfillment.” After searching for meaning in their life, The Fool has finally made sense of the journey we call life and is now aligned with their purpose and ready to share that with others. But this isn’t the end. The Fool is already eager to start a whole new journey because life is made up of a series of beginnings and endings. We’re constantly learning, experiencing, and evolving. 

As T.S. Elliot said, “We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” 

The World from The Light Seers Tarot (above)

And there you have it, the Fool's journey through the Major Arcana of the Tarot, card by card. On this epic journey, we moved from the conscious concerns of the world through the subconscious for an inward search for our true self to end at the superconscious where we developed a spiritual awareness about our self and life’s greater purpose. 

What a journey it was – we experienced a death and rebirth, a cataclysmic event with the tower and found renewal and hope again with the Star. Then finished the journey with a successful completion of karmic lessons with the World card. 

Each card in the major arcana tells a unique story, offering profound insights and guidance along the path of life. It’s a testament to the transformative power of the Tarot, as the Fool emerges from darkness, confronts their shadows, and finds enlightenment and unity. Each of us has a journey we’ll embark on in life that mirrors this journey. And each path will be unique in its challenges and rewards. No journey will look the same. In the last blog, I talked about the Wizard of Oz as a great example of the Fool’s journey. Today, I’ll offer another example from more modern times. One that most of us know. 

In Harry Potter, his journey from a scrawny, neglected 12-year-old orphan to a confident, powerful young adult spans a much longer time period than Dorothy’s. On this journey Harry encounters numerous challenges and enemies, makes life-long friendships, finds love, battles and overcomes his nemesis, and eventually embraces his magic and destiny. We see him transform from the boy who lives under the stairs at his aunt and uncle’s home to a father with three sons who follow in his footsteps by attending Hogwarts to continue on the Potter legacy. For much of the series, he’s led to believe that he’s the only one who can defeat Voldemort, but through his journey he realizes that the power of allies can help him shoulder this burden as they unite to take the dark lord down to save the day together. 

The books I used to pull together information for this episode include 78 Degrees of Wisdom, The Chakra Wisdom Tarot Guidebook, Ethony Dawn’s Fool Journey handout, and Tarot for Transformation - links below

Books and Decks shown in this blog or recommended:

The Light Seers TarotSacred Creators OracleThe Dark Mansion TarotRider Waite Smith Tarot78 degrees of Wisdom, Tarot Wisdom, Chakra Wisdom Tarot, Tarot for Transformation

The Fool's Journey Spread 

Here's the spread I created to help integrate all the lessons we’ve gained along the way. If you throw this spread for yourself, I'd love to see them. Please tag me on Instagram @healingthrutarot and please use #HTTfoolsjourneyspread 


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