Customized Intuitive Spread

  • Customized spread for your specific needs that may not fit the other reading options using multiple tarot and oracle decks. This is my preferred method as it provides thorough guidance on what changes to implement and specific areas to improve (15+ cards).

Break Through Your Blocks Spread

  • Identifies blocks to your current goals, insights into the roots of those blocks, and specific steps to take to break through what is holding you back in order to make progress going forward (17 tarot and oracle cards)

Year ahead Tarot Spread

  • This spread includes 1 tarot card for each month for the upcoming year and 1 card for the overall energy of the year as well as 1 oracle card for each season giving you an overview of all the energies, themes and life lessons you will encounter throughout the year. Can be completed any time of the year (17 cards).

Heart of the Matter Spread

  • Great choice for healing spreads for emotional wounds, guidance on career, life purpose or path using multiple tarot and oracle decks to give you insightful messages and direction (12-14 cards).

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread plus 4 oracle cards

  • This reading includes my version of the Tarot Celtic Cross Spread (11 tarot cards) plus 4 oracle cards to give a snap shot of any topic or situation or to help give guidance in any area (15 cards).